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  1. I've always been an Alex Curry fan but I have quite enjoyed Carrlyn Bathe so far, I agree she comes off more professional than Alex. Any idea where Alex is? Is she covering the NHL?
  2. i really hope Trout giving Upton the business will light a fire under him
  3. We got ourselves an old fashioned mashie game
  4. Honestly this season is going to be referenced in random trivia for future generations to come. "That one season that the Florida Marlins caught a virus during the pandemic and won the Wold Series"
  5. Welp, Jo Adell has now solidified that he will be remembered for a long time as he will be in those between innings blooper reels in MLB stadiums
  6. That camera angle at the new ballpark gives me a Japanese Nippon league vibe....
  7. Mike Trout hit .220 in his first 40 MLB games just a FYI
  8. lol, mans second MLB game and everyone is ready to send him back to the minors
  9. I feel better about feeling good about the signing, he looked really good out there with his pitch movement
  10. Man I love the movement on Teheran's pitches so far
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