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  1. For real. Even Trout takes a lot of fastballs down the middle with 2 strikes.
  2. I need to see those fans with the Upton Funk sign. Was that what the sign said? Walsh bomb.
  3. Seriously, give him his chance now that the other players are hitting. He's had 2 big league starts and this place wants to crucify him. Sheesh
  4. Looking at the live betting, Dodgers are +385 and Angels were -220 to win the game. Meaning the bookmaker thinks the Angels are heavy favorites to win this game.
  5. Who was the one saying Noe Ramirez was garbage yesterday? His ERA is lower than most the pitchers on the roster.
  6. 1. The season is 1 month old 2. We have numerous players on the DL 3. Did you really think the Angels were going to compete for a WS this year? Angels are still a year or two away. I hate losing just as much as anybody but I mean half the pitching is hurt, 2 of our starting bats on the DL.. Angels have been in pretty much every game this past 2 weeks it's not like they are getting blown out. ***Trying to bring a little sunshine to this rain***
  7. Can you guys update us who don't have a TV or radio near what happened instead of comment like, "Wow."
  8. As opposed to the overwhelming pitching talent we're throwing out there on a nightly basis??
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