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  1. I was going to mention Simmons and then I looked at the year he had... holy shit. That's rough.
  2. They have to. When was the last time the Angels had an actually reliable closer/high-stress guy? Couple that with them not dealing him at the deadline. Letting him walk would be a disaster... so it'll probably happen.
  3. You can really get creative in this offseason if you actually have a lot to spend. Could package Adell or Marsh for one of our pitching additions and then sign someone like Chris Taylor...
  4. If Scherzer wants to do a 1/40 or 2/70 or something like that, I'd be fine with it. But after that, you're paying a 40 year old dude with a ton of miles on his arm.
  5. I was not expecting Jon Gray's splits to look like that. Thought he might've been a decent fit. I'm not thrilled about Scherzer. I think if we can get a good defensive SS, Stroman is the way to go. Syndergaard is a decent gamble too.
  6. I think Bachman is going to get a long look in Spring Training next year to be honest.
  7. I'm so happy Kyren Paris is killing it. He's guaranteeing a High-A start next year with the chance of being in Double-A at age 20. Really a future long-term SS solution if he pans out and he can stay healthy.
  8. Don't sleep on Alexander Ramirez. Hitting .283/.379/.525 as an 18-year-old in Arizona. Might even have a higher ceiling than Arol Vera.
  9. I brought up the mental part of Trout/Rendon's injuries last week on here and basically got booed out of the room. There something really weird going on. Trout, according to all the doctors, is fine to be playing baseball. There's a mental break here.
  10. Is it time to start talking about mental health and these injuries? As far as I can tell from both Trout and Rendon, they are essentially healthy. Trout saw that doctor last week that basically said you're healthy, according to the press reports I saw. Now Rendon was supposed to be out a couple of days because of a pulled hammy and all Maddon says 3 weeks later is that Rendon "isn't highly optimistic," what the hell does that mean? As far as I can tell from the media reporting, these guys don't have physical reasons for not playing baseball. It just seems like there's something off.
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