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  1. 18 year-old Panama signing Alejandro Hidalgo is already stateside and making strides. He went 5 innings on 43 pitches today, 1 earned, 6 K's. Fangraphs in June: "He sat 93-94, flashed several plus curveballs, and worked to his arm side with an upper-80s changeup... Hidalgo is on par with the sort of high school arms who get $1 million bonuses in the draft, with a bevy of solid components but without the sort of premium athleticism or projection that portend potential impact growth."
  2. Lindor went down with a grade 2 oblique... You could probably get a stupid package from the Mets for Iglesias. Or the A's...
  3. On Ohtani/Trout: "They're a caliber of player that I aspire to be and the only way to get there is to learn how those guys operate." Well said!
  4. Seems like a great kid (I can say this now because he's younger than me) He only threw 60 IP this year with Miami, let's sign him and get him to Rocket City.
  5. Dan O'Dowd didn't like the pick so I love it. For real though, good pick. The Angels have had a lot of luck turning 2 pitch guys into starters (Suarez comes to mind) and if they make a run Bachman could be our secret K-Rod move in September.
  6. you HAVE to pick Kumar if he's there
  7. Ugh this sucks. I hope he's able to recover. That could be a potential career-altering injury.
  8. I have to admit I was a big Newcomb fan, but Detmers really isn't anything like him. Newcomb could never develop a good 3rd or 4th. Agree though that position shouldn't matter in a draft. Take the best player.
  9. An outfielder who can't hit playing the outfield > an infielder who can't hit playing the outfield
  10. I think a package of Taylor Ward + Marsh or Adell would be a good start for a young controllable starter.
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