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  1. I missed it! Unfortunately, M,W,F I have dialysis at 5am, and when I get home, I tend to sleep the rest of the day away. Guess I'll have to set the dvr and watch them in the evening! Sping is in the air, and I am so looking forward to watching Angels baseball!!
  2. I voted for Albert Pujols, because there wasn't and "All of the above" button! Also, just my opinion, but I'd like to see CJ Wilson gone!
  3. Hey! How're you doing? Thanks everyone that replied about the televised games! I thought I was going to get to spring training this year, but it didn't work out!
  4. I tried to go on a couple weeks ago, and there was no link on the Angels board; and then just now I tried to go on, and got the "Angels Message Boards no longer available" - I was surprised, that's for sure. So, here I am, though I've been a member here for a few years, just not very active. BTW - does anyone have the schedule for televised spring training games?
  5. It's a family tradition. . . .Dad and Gramps used to go to Wrigley Field, in LA, to see the PCL Angels; and when Gene Autry was granted the new AL franchise in 1961, Dad automatically began following them. He took all 8 of his kids to Angel games (not too often), and the grand-kids were taken to games by their parents, and now the great-grandkids are being raised as Angel fans (except for the 5 that live in Texas, they root for the Rangers, but we just let that slide).
  6. Currently living in Buena Park, but soon moving to Hemet, CA
  7. I'm Bekkie - been an Angels fan since 1964 when I saw the Angels play the Indians at Chavez Ravine. I don't post much, but come over and read, alot.