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  1. I love how confident the cancel culture warriors are on anything and everything deemed bad in society, without major evidence. Yeah, Callaway might be a dick, he might be a perv and a molester, but I need proof, not sob stories.
  2. What if this was a scheme by Bauer to get Callaway fired so he can comfortably play for us? I know, crazy theory but what IF?
  3. Couldn't any player/manager/staff be ousted by any group of women then, based on word of mouth? Where are the checks and balances? Is there any physical evidence already out there? These could be schemes that other teams pay women to lie and get someone fired, slippery slope is all I'm saying.
  4. Even if you get more out of the guy in retrospect, paying more than he's worth to a desperate team willing to unload him is outright stupid.
  5. All valid points, the trade isn't as bad as it looks, he's like a pitching coach under the pitching coach, also a pretty reliable starter that should benefit in the AL West. I think expectations have just be subverted greatly, Bauer is not coming here, it's pretty much a sure thing.
  6. It's a long season, I plan on keeping this account. For a little while at least...
  7. On the flip side, Cobb leaves hitter friendly AL East and joins the cool and crisp west, where servicable pitchers CAN thrive if the conditions are right. I mean, we have turned Baltimore's shit turd into diamonds a few times already. This one would be another doozy.
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