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  1. If we're trading Goodwin, I'd prefer someone who can help the big league team right away if we're losing Goodwin's production. Allan is only 19 (turned 19 only a few months ago), he's at least 4 years away.
  2. If we're pretending 2 weeks into the first season defines a contract then yes, it is the same thing.
  3. Except we're nowhere near able to determine whether those contracts will be bad, just look at Yu Darvish for example, he had a huge down year in 2018, the first year of his contract, and then starting with the 2nd half of last season, and continuing into this season, he has returned to being a TOR starter.
  4. If we're going to say this about those 2 this early in the season, by this logic signing Teheran was also a mistake, he hasn't appeared all season before today, bust signing.
  5. This board will overreact to whatever does end up happening in the game
  6. Seattle doesn't have an owner who constantly interferes with their GM's job
  7. In the Top 100 we have: 6. Joe Adell 87. Brandon Marsh 89. Reid Detmers We also have an updated Angels top 30, Reid Detmers is ranked 3rd and David Calabrese is ranked 16.
  8. Why would anyone think putting a fireworks warehouse on your capital city's port is a good idea?
  9. If we go for relievers, I'd like to try to nab both Miguel Castro and Mychal Givens from Baltimore.
  10. This is just a list of players I could see being trade targets. Obviously we will have a much clearer look at the market towards the end of the month.
  11. Still not convinced Andriese is a starter. If we are out of it, we might as well give Suarez or Barria the opportunity to grab that spot. Let Andriese stick to the bullpen. Heaney-Canning-Bundy-Teheran-Sandoval-Suarez/Barria is what the rotation should look like if we don't make any trades.
  12. Fletch corrected himself when he said we’d have to make a 40 man move, think we’re ok for now
  13. This is also an appealing option but ultimately I think it'll be hard to pry away pitchers from Cleveland, with the trades of Bauer and Kluber along with reports of Carrasco and Clevinger being shopped, I think they're relying on their young group to carry their staff and probably won't deal from it unless it's for an overpayment.
  14. SPs I'm interested in so far (will change depending on how these guys perform over the next few weeks) who I think could realistically be available: Spencer Turnbull German Marquez Kyle Freeland Antonio Senzatela Jon Gray Dinelson Lamet Carlos Carrasco This is not to say I'd certainly pay the required package to get all of these players, just players who I think are realistic targets as of this point in time. No true aces but if for whatever reason one does end up getting shopped, obviously they jump to the top of the list. Ideally we probably acquire 2, but if we do decide to buy, I think we're much better off paying up for a starter AND a reliever instead of 2 starters.
  15. I'm going to wait until after the trade deadline, or at least trade speculation starts to answer this