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  1. What a disgraceful team. Every year, towards the end of the season, they give up. No heart, no guts. Also, year after year, they get CRUSHED by the Astros… disgusting. What’s their record vs Astros past couple of years? Pathetic
  2. Absolutely disgraceful. Hitting is beyond horrific Surrender monkeys all around
  3. Absolute BS about Upton and Suzuki. These guys get paid way too much to be babied this way
  4. What a horrific lineup… Where is Upton? Walsh? Why is Suzuki in there- a .220 hitter? When the hell does Trout and Rendon get back? What a shit show. Worst lineup I’ve seen in decades. Except for Ohtani, one loser scrub after another. No wonder they can’t score a damn run for days.
  5. Great pitching outing by Sandoval Disgusting move by Maddon. What a buffoon Let him get his shutout. One out
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