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  1. Chuckster, you pretty much said it all. I went to game tonight (first time since 2019). When I saw our lineup at the start of the game (Shohei not batting, no Rendon, no Upton), I pretty much figured this was a loss. Amazing how bad the depth is on this team; 3 or 4 guys in the lineup tonight who shouldn't even be close to be in a MLB lineup. I figured we would need to get 7 shutout innings to even have a chance at the W (which we all know is impossible due to Shohei always walking guys and throwing too many pitches to ever get past the 5th). We were lucky to even get one run tonight (th
  2. Just a horrible and excruciating loss (I really wish that I didn't care about the Angels any more). A lot of breaks went against us tonight; Iglesias was probably the victim of some bad luck but he still just needs to be way better (his stuff just looks pretty weak). And quite a shame that Heaney's gem of a game was wasted (I would have left him in to finish the 7th). All signs point to another year of mediocrity. Yeah, getting some guys back from injury will help but we don't have any one we can count on in the bullpen and we have a ton of weak links in our hitting lineup and our reserve
  3. Hola everyone! Lifetime diehard Angels fan; this is my first foray onto an Angels forum; glad to have found the site. Grew up in Westminster/Garden Grove area; my dad took me to an Angels playoff game in 81 (when I was 14). Have suffered through a lot of bad Angels teams over the years but I was there at the Big A (it will always be the Big A to me) for game 7 in 2002 and will never forget that glorious day (I probably had the worst seat in the house but just glad I was there). At one point a few years ago, I was a half-season ticket holder (went to 40 games) but the past few years, I'v
  4. Hello Finfrock,

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