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  1. Too much love for Shoemaker and not enough for Richards in this thread. Both have exceded expectations by a ton this year. However Richards has 5 more starts, 40 more innings, and was extremely important to keeping the angels in the race until he went down.
  2. Issue is that both players were there blocking the line so there was no where for him to run. He would have had to go far enough out of the basepath that he would have been out in order to avoid the guys blocking the basepath.
  3. Alden Gonzalez ‏@Alden_Gonzalez19s Confirming @BillShaikin report: #Angels sending PTBNL to #WhiteSox. @SteveGilbert says it's done.
  4. Jeff Fletcher ‏@JeffFletcherOCR47s Scout on Skaggs: "Great body lefty with good arm and feel. Complete mix. No. 3 lefty for me. Best case Jonathan Niese." #Angels
  5. Bill Shaikin ‏@BillShaikin29s #Angels deal could involve prospects that would need to clear Thursday's Rule 5 draft, reports @MDGonzales: http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/baseball/whitesox/chi-chicago-white-sox-hector-santiago-20131210,0,7483455.story …
  6. Jeff Fletcher ‏@JeffFletcherOCR2m Over-under on 500-foot HRs for Mark Trumbo in 2014: 2.5. Arizona plus 9 games in Coors.
  7. Saw a new tweet from Heyman waiting and got my hopes up. Then it turned out to be about Davis.
  8. Would be nice if someone else would confirm that the deal is done.
  9. Because its all about having the information first, if your not first your last.
  10. Damn all these different sources, i know have 8 twitter windows open to follow this.
  11. Bill Shaikin ‏@BillShaikin49s For those asking, I reported White Sox had NO interest in Kendrick when Angels asked. Expand
  12. Jeff Fletcher ‏@JeffFletcherOCR43s @Dougireland5 No chance Kendrick is involved. That would make no sense
  13. Jeff Fletcher ‏@JeffFletcherOCR3m My impression is if the #Angels are giving up more than Trumbo, it's no one that painful to part with.
  14. Sounds like Chicago is in need of a catcher, wonder if we could send Ianetta to complete the deal.
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