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  1. Eppler was asked how ligaments heal and he said scabbing and then scarring. And, for Doc, he was asked if there was healing and the answer several times was yes.
  2. Will it be a minor league rehab? No. His progression is a return to play progression which will be done in a "private" and "controlled" manner. Why? It's what we determined to do. Minor League games are controlled by the rules of the game. It's not a Minor League Spring Training game. In this setting Ohtani won't have to wait to hit, etc.. On addition, Eppler added that the decision was also based on Ohtani DHing, and not having to play defense.
  3. When can Shohei face live pitching? He will start with standard BP routine. We will. See how he does with that. It is possible.for him to. See. Live pitching this weekend. But, we evaluate him daily and make our plans objectively and subjectively on him and his progression.
  4. Is Shohei I still at a grade 2 strain? Not getting it He has shown healing from 3 weeks ago.
  5. When will Shohei be able to DH? We are taking it day by day.. He will begin with batting practice and will proceed from there.
  6. Lots of media in attendance. Here's the opening statement. Shohei underwent an MRI again today in LA. It was compared to his prebiologic MRI it is "clear" that there is improvement and Shiehie can begin a hitti g progression, which he will begin immediately. He will be reevaluated again in 3 weeks.
  7. This is going to be tough, as I'm doing this on my phone while on vacation. I'll try to get notes out as they go.
  8. Yeah, funny thing about getting lots of money when you're young and making good decisions with it. Compound interest works wonders in your favor. Let's say you put $10k of that bonus in tax free or tax deferred retirement plans. And, let's say, over the rest of your life, you contribute $500/month into your IRAs. And you just put it in a mutual fund that returns 7.5% on average, the historical stock market return. At age 65, that comes to 2,614,265.12 at age 65. Now, let's assume after taxes, etc., and maybe buying yourself a reasonable car, you have $250k leftover (remember, not all sta
  9. I wouldn't mind if the Angels let me do more of the coverage since I didn't misreport this story.
  10. Um, I reported to you pretty much EXACTLY what was said and released. There was nothing in there for BSPN to use to suggest this. It was specifically asked and the response was he will be reevaluated in 3 weeks. If they want to speculate, then they need to make it clear that it is their conjecture, not what was stated or reported. If there was something specifically calling out TJ surgery, I would have put it in my notes to you all.
  11. Good analysis and writeup Doc. And, I agree that is a very efficient way to do it, much better than Dipoto's high ceiling, low floor approach. There's always a good chance that when you offer real money to high upside prospects drafted later that they will take it, especially now that you can include a college scholarship. If you have $450k and a college scholarship paid for at age 18, you are very set for life. I'd tell my sons to take the money and run. What's the worst that can happen, you enter college a little older, a little wiser, and knowing that you gave pro-ball your best shot? Big d
  12. I'd say if there is a fairly common sentiment, it's a slow burn. With so much highly ranked pitching still available at our first pick, and, with Adams playing OF like so many of our top prospects, there was a strong desire by many to draft someone like Singer instead of Adams. Not that we necessarily thought the Angels would necessarily draft Singer, but that we wanted them to switch gears based on who was falling to us. As we have learned more about Adams, and, it has become. Clear that he will sign to play (that wasn't well known at the time by fans), people are more open to it and liking i
  13. I think there is a myriad of opinions on this year's draft, as opposed to last year's draft (which was universally loved). The truth is, the only way to know how good of a draft a team had is to wait 5-6 years and look back.
  14. Are you telling me Scioscia, the man of 1,000 lineups a year, wouldn't just drool over this scenario?
  15. Moustakis at 3B 5-6 times a week. Simmons at SS probably 13 out of 14 games Kinsler at 2B 3-5 games. Cozart at 3B 1-2 times a week, 2B 2-3 times a week, SS 1 game out of 14. Valbuena and JMF at 1B. Pujols DH unless Trout needs a day off.
  16. I think we split time based on matchups and things.
  17. I said this in an earlier thread, but I'd pick up the phone with KC and try to get Moustakis at this point. Put him at 3B, Cozart at SS, and Valbuena and JMF to handle 1B. Pujols to the DH. My offer is Ward and Hermosillo.
  18. Here's the press release. Good afternoon, Today the Angels have made the following roster moves: · RHP/DH Shohei Ohtani – Placed on 10-day Disabled List with right elbow UCL sprain (retro to 6/7) · UTL Kaleb Cowart – Placed on 10-day Disabled List with left ankle sprain (retro to 6/7) · INF Jose Fernandez – Selected to Major League Roster · INF Nolan Fontana – Recalled from Salt Lake
  19. Just to let everyone know, a lot of these questions/ideas/concerns were asked and answered in the Eppler media call. I posted notes in a different thread. Check there.
  20. Check my thread, but Eppler said they will take the 6-man or 5-man rotation day by day.
  21. Okay, these are not exact quotes, as I couldn't record the call. These are paraphrasing. Don't hold me to exact wordings. It was really difficult to get it all, as it was translated into English and Japanese. Eppler said it was a grade 2. He was asked because there is a range of grade 2 strains. He said I'd a grade 2 strain. "That's all I can say." Ohtani came out of the game with the blister. As the blister was getting drained, and the game adrenaline was wearing off, he said his elbow was feeling stiff. The Angels decided to get an image right away. Asked about his level of co
  22. How they found it: After Ohtani came out of the game and was getting the blister drained, the game adrenaline was wearing off. Ohtani said his elbow was stiffening up. They sent him for an MRI based on that. He did not go to Minnesota.
  23. It's a grade 2 strain. All Eppler can say. even though there is a range.
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