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  1. I hope we barely see him based on a majority of blowouts like tonight!
  2. One more time for the folks in the front please.
  3. Vasgersian is good and we're going to love him.. hell I already love listening to him. That said, he's still in ST in terms of broadcasting. He's been off a bit on some historical stuff and the way he's seeing things on his monitor of the game vs. what we're seeing. I've also seen that he's a little delayed from Gubi and the rest of us. Is he doing the call from home with a different video feed or?
  4. Time to test our depth. Good production from the depth within the org ultimately determines how far any good team goes in a season, because every team that makes the playoffs and even those who win a WS has key injuries throughout a full season.
  5. I understand that. It's just overplayed and not funny anymore.
  6. People said the same thing about Walsh. Just wait. Actually don't. I expect Rojas to go off tomorrow now.
  7. Man wouldn't it be epic for Jose Rojas' first hit to be a grand slam right here!
  8. Nice. Suzuki!! Please tell me Stassi isn't badly hurt though.
  9. Maybe, but they only got one run off Cobb and he fanned Soler twice before Cishek shit the bed.
  10. Man I have a bad feeling here. Momentum has completely shifted after removing Cobb.
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