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  1. Yes!!!! We'll be there @Adam, @HaloCory22, @Angel Oracle, @Crampknees, @totdprods & @CaliforniaYankee
  2. I'm licking my chops seeing all of these former or current top prospects going in trades.
  3. I thought it was funny how Torii Hunter liked this Tweet from last night. He's probably a big Twins and Adell fan.
  4. Well technically you'd have Trout in a corner spot. Buxton is a GG centerfielder and one of either Marsh or Adell in the other corner spot.
  5. I would do Canning and Adams for Buxton. Then yeah, flip either Marsh or Adell for one of Rogers, Sanchez, Lopez or Alcantara.
  6. Yep. I would try bending the Dodgers over without lube hard if they want Raisel.
  7. I'm telling you these trade calculators aren't completely accurate. There are way too many variables that aren't factored in their code to calculate the values.
  8. Me either. I honestly don't see any point of having Quintana and Bundy on this team. Add Kurt Suzuki and possibly Cishit & Guerra as well.
  9. Paris and Jackson are at the same level, in Low-A. So both of them possibly. Vera is probably 2025ish. Honestly there's always Michael Stefanic who could play 2B and Fletcher at SS as well. Stefanic is currently on a 15-game hitting streak for Triple-A Salt Lake and overall is batting .331/.406/.473. He has shown exceptional barrel control, rarely swings and misses, doesn’t chase out of the strike zone and has shown growing power, impressing even in the context of his hitter-friendly environment.
  10. I mean getting him for the run if we have one left in us this season and for all next year would be great, but at what cost? One thing I know is we have a TON of SS prospects. You'd think one of them could be ready by 2023?
  11. Doesn't Turner have 2022 and 2023 left on his contract or just 2022?
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