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  1. Dear God dude, your talking points are all from CNN. Just get back to the main forum FCS and talk Angels Baseball.
  2. Jason, STFU. You're just another triggered lib. None of what you said is true. Go to bed, old man.
  3. Listen, Phil. I've said this repeatedly. I would never hang or assemble my group of friends or family with a guy like Trump. Here's what you, MT, Adam and other's can't comprehend. You look at the exterior and words spoken rather than the results and date....and are clouded by the mainstream media because you have been hypnotized words, rather than actions. Trump is a 1st class dick. Are you all that stupid? If you want Jesus' vote, he's out. It's in the scriptures if you want me to bring them out. So I digress. If you think Trump is garbage because of his debates
  4. One of my favorite old posters, lost it. You and @calscuf sitting in a tree.....
  5. That was by design to be a bee in Biden's bonnet. We still have two more debates.
  6. Trump has been nominated 8 times for an academy award, he's lost every time. That said, he's still made for TV and this was entertainment. I hope you had a few IPAs.
  7. So Biden's wife wears a mask to greet her husband? WTF
  8. Hey Stick, I banned angelinkc, Claude and a few others on Sunday. Let me know if I should ban more. I want the end of this shitty 2020 to be the best it can be.
  9. Wow! Biden doesn't support the Green New Deal. Biden just lost his far left SQUAD allies!
  10. Let's talk in that PM about that and others. Thanks man for the suggestion!
  11. I looked at it to be fair. But we already have a confused one.
  12. I ate some steak tonight and farted. Blame my neighbor, he pulled my finger!
  13. We always needed a THIS reaction! Trout makes it better!
  14. Joe Biden DEFENDS Antifa as an idea and not an organization. Wow. Anyone with eyes has seen the truth!
  15. Joe Biden is protecting Antifa. Let that sink in. Vile
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