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  1. I really hope we can snag Wheeler first, then go to Boras and Cole and say, we'll offer you 100 more million dollars than Wheeler. Let's get-r-Done!
  2. The problem is that these second tier pitchers may wait until Cole sets the market with his final price tag, then go off of that. I hope not, but that's kind of concerned me. That this could be a LONG WINTER before it gets good.
  3. Yeah, I'm guessing Jesus would be confused after talking to Doug White.
  4. But you're judging the outcome before it happens here. If Arte sits on his money this offseason and doesn't do a thing to improve the club, I'll echo your sentiments. But until that happens, it's just protesting the game before the ump says "play ball".
  5. @Calzone 2 you gotta have one of your French companions help a brother out and wave that white flag like ya'll do in battles. You're not going to win this one, or any of your favorite narratives here. It's easy to be negative, but it's more fun to be positive and optimistic. So wave that white flag, the war was over before you started it. Just a friend looking out dude.
  6. Sandoval came in with reports of having an average fastball, but he showed mid 90's, so he was flashing above average fastball velo. Hitting 96 MPH at times.
  7. I hope you're joking. I've been critical of Suarez, but that's probably a little unfair. I think at worst he's a solid bullpen arm like Jose Alvarez, but he certainly showed some good innings in the big leagues before getting blasted the third time through the order. I think a tick up in velo and a tighter breaking ball with the help of Callaway can help that. Thaiss and Walsh it's way too early to judge on. I'll say that Thaiss' defense at 3B really impressed me and obviously his home stats were pretty damn good when you project that over the course of a full season. Walsh could be a 4-A player, or a lefthanded version of Mark Trumbo.
  8. On the contrary, @Inside Pitch and many of us have been on board with Arte shelling out $$$ to sign both Cole and Wheeler. Maybe Kyle Gibson too, who's going to get some decent money as well after teams shopping for pitching miss out on the big guys.
  9. I'd like the Angels to try Taylor Ward in CF and RF this spring to see if he can expand his versatility. Ward has some wheels and a canon for an arm, can steal a base, hit a HR and get on base. If he can play all 3 OF positions in addition to 1B, 3B and even C in a pinch, that's a valuable guy to have on your bench. I'm not sure what more he can prove in AAA with the bat, though the offense does need to start showing in the big leagues.
  10. I know you're not on Facebook, but you can create an account just to watch MLB games and games like this one, without really connecting with anyone.
  12. Tonight at 7pm PST USA vs. Mexico. See your boy Jo Adell and the USA team vs. Mexico.
  13. I mean, becoming a two-way player.
  14. Yeah I really like Gibson as a 3rd option if we skip out on Gerrit Cole but land a Wheeler and one of Bumgarner or Ryu.
  15. He may want to reunite with Callaway, but what I saw of him post surgery last season wasn't good. He couldn't even hit 90 MPH with his fastball and his high velo was his bread and butter to setup his slider.
  16. @fan_since79 Make sure to view with the "web" option and not "mobile".