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  1. I still can't believe I traded all my mint condition baseball cards when I was 17 for a gym set w/ weights.
  2. I just looked at the job posting and I have all of the technical job requirements except building native web/mobile apps. Haven't had any experience in that line of tech work yet over the past 30 yrs. It's going to be hard for them to find a baseball nerd good with advanced baseball statistics and sabermetric concepts plus the vast technical requirements needed for the job.
  3. I only ban Trolls & Canadians. You're good!
  4. Well according to @Inside Pitch Perry is set to get some hot ass scrumptious coffee. Good move!
  5. I can't see any reason why the Angels wouldn't re-up and add Brendon Davis to their 40-man roster. If they let him walk it would be completely irresponsible after what he did across three levels as a 23-24-year old this year, playing really good defense at 2B, SS and LF.
  6. Ha, snowflake? I was looking forward to the concert. I spent good money on a band I loved growing up and ended up being a giant shit on my investment. Next time you order a nice $500 dinner at the French Laundry and your meat is over cooked, your wine is bottom shelf and the service sucks, you sure as shit better not complain.
  7. My sister and brother in law saw him and he didn’t pull the same shit. Said it was a great show as well. I’ve heard his shows are either great or if he’s in a bad mood or had too much to drink he’s awful and goes on political tirades.
  8. I know all about Meat is Murder. He threw a tantrum on stage for 30 min because an event worker was eating a hotdog backstage and the smell made him sick and outraged. I didn’t pay 500 bucks to listen to his shit and ranting about Trump for 45 of the first 60 min of the show. I walked out .
  9. BTW, I grew up loving The Smiths & Morrissey until I finally got a chance to see him live a few years back and completely shit the bed on stage & turned his “music concert” into a political tirade and meat is murder campaign. F that guy & his music. I wasted $500 for front row tix.
  10. There is is! I was waiting for a crazy lib to include Trump or QAnon in this thread. You guys are so predictable.
  11. Go pound sand then. You're not changing my opinion. I don't care to change yours!
  12. @Angelsjunky I have a bunch of lefty friends/family who are against vaccine mandates as well. This really isn't and shouldn't be a political issue. This is a personal choice discussion. Vaccine mandates are unconstitutional. A large volume of anti-vaxers are African Americans and from young healthy men/women of all races, all political preferences. This is going to get fought in the higher courts.
  13. If you post another .gif like the one I deleted of yours it won't make it past one page.
  14. I meant if Fletch continues to have the type of seasons he's had prior to this campaign, he'll be a great add for any team based on his contract.
  15. You can do a bracket from here and then download or screenshot the results. https://www.mlb.com/brackets/postseason-ca
  16. Sign Semien for 2B, if Brendon Davis has a solid spring & continues to show promise in AAA maybe you let him take the job at SS mid-season if Fletcher continues to be the Fletch we all have come to love prior to the final 6 or so weeks of the season...then trade David Fletcher and his friendly contract to a team in need at the deadline.
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