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  1. I'm with Trout's decision. I tweeted this before boarding a plane to Las Vegas to celebrate my grandson's one-year birthday.
  2. Apologies, I meant to move this to the political forum but it went to the Hangout forum instead. Since we have enough of these related threads in this forum already I have locked this one. You're in my prayers @Sully151. Please reach out to me in a PM if you need any help.
  3. I'm 4-5 months into my YouTube TV after pulling the plug on my cable and I absolutely love it.
  4. Oh man, I'm hoping the best for you @Sully151. This makes me mad!
  5. Yeah let's blame those who went to the bar, a couple that had a meal at the restaurant, a guy fishing out in the middle of the ocean or kids playing at the park. Never mind the outrageous protests of hundreds of thousands of people. Obviously you're going to have more positive cases with more testing, but I haven't seen a single comment by Newsom or our own dumbshit Gov. Jay Inslee to put the blame squarely where it should go and that's on these protestors and those at the George Floyd memorial. You know, it's OK to memorialize one man among hundreds of thousands of people, but it's not OK to have a memorial for your loved ones that were lost during the pandemic. I feel bad for these business owners who just opened up after nearly going bankrupt, only to order a bunch of supplies and food to accommodate their in-person visitors, only to shut down again because of irresponsible protestors and spineless city & state politicians -- all democrats.
  6. This story never gets old. Best contract ever!
  7. Correct. I hope they're in jail for the rest of their lives. They're just as guilty.
  8. And I agree, if you're an asshole you should be addressed. I know that I respect my family and friends when they call me out in private on something that I did or said because they care about the relationship and the overall environment we're all in together. I just don't like the timing of this as he sits out the season and takes to Instagram with his complaints. It's kind of like Mike Fiers. He had a chance to address the team about cheating when he was on the Astros, but he didn't do it until he moved on to another team.
  9. I stand by my comments, @Stradling. I don't get the "Come on Chuck you are better than this" comment either. Let me elaborate. I've always been raised that whenever you have a problem with a family member, friend or co-worker, you go to that person in private or in some rare cases publicly and address it. Today, there's been an attack on masculinity so it doesn't surprise me that men aren't grown-ups or real men anymore, so they take to social media or the media outlets to blast you or to file their complaints, when they had a chance to address them to the perpetrators as they happened. Again, I'm guessing he's laughed at and/or said gay and racial jokes in the past but now that the in-thing is to take to social media to claim that the World is racist and homophobic it comes across as disingenuous.
  10. The way I see Karen is everyone whining about everything nowadays. Not just to the manager but to social media, to the news and from the facking rooftops on a loud speaker.. Tired of it all to be honest. Cancel Culture folks and the Karen's thereof can all swan high dive into an empty pool.
  11. So far three washed up vets have opted out. Cool.. So Ian Desmond, why didn't you file a complaint before? I'm guessing he laughed at those clubhouse jokes before, but now because it's cool to jump on everyone is a racist bandwagon and let's cancel everything, especially since he'll probably never be in a clubhouse again...why not?
  12. In this week's errrr hour of Cancel Culture, Barstool Sports is the latest victim. How do you guys feel about the angry Karen's out there that want to cancel EVERYTHING under the sun that offended them, even though it was something that was said or produced in a time when it was offensive? I like what David Portnoy had to say about those attacking Barstool Sports. Here's the item that he's referencing.
  13. I totally forgot about the Callaway > White factor. That is going to be huge.
  14. Correct. That despite how bad we were last year, with a much better squad and health entering into the season combined with a great manager. It's not impossible for the club to duplicate that or dare I say best it by 6-8 wins.
  15. You see where I'm going with this? This is proof that nearly every team has a good shot in 2020, including the Angels at cracking the postseason! Despite all of the injuries to the pitching staff and key position players in 2019, a team without Ohtani pitching over the entire season and a burned out bullpen, the Angels finished among the leaders last season with the best record over a 60-game stretch. Which is exactly how many games they'll be playing in 2020. You add in the Maddon over Ausmus factor as manager with playoff experience which essentially is what this season is, a long ass 60-game playoff tournament. Then include an Anthony Rendon talent to the roster, hot damn son! I'm liking our chances if we get out of the gate strong. No team, that includes the Nationals, Astros, Yankees or Dodgers can afford a two-week slump or a terrible start. Now on the flip side, the World Series Champion Washington Nationals started their first 60 games 27-33 and the Dodgers went 30-30 out of the gate. So it's imperative, no matter how good a roster is to fire on all cylinders right out of the starting gate. But back to the point. These are just facts to illustrate how exciting the 2020 shortened season will be with every game being crucial in what will be a weird stay at home playoff type atmosphere.