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AngelsWin Top 30 Prospects: # 20 OF Brennon Lund



Prospect: Brennon Lund
Rank: 20
2016: 21
Position(s): Outfield
Level: AA
Age: Entering Age 23 season in 2018.
Height: 5’10” – Weight: 185 lb.
Floor: AAA Depth.
Ceiling: Starting outfielder and lead off hitter in the major leagues.
Likely Outcome: 4th outfielder.
Summary: I remember, just after Lund was drafted in the 11th round in 2016, hearing that he was actually very good.  Much better than his draft slot.  BYU baseball program is no slouch, and neither is their conference.  Hitting .387 in his junior season definitely opened some eyes, but the fact that he never hit below .300, even as college freshman makes a statement.  Flat out, Brennon Lund is a good hitter.
His draft status slipped because Lund remained quiet about his intentions and didn’t end up going on a missions trip the way many mormons do.  Teams weren’t sure if this kid, who probably could’ve been selected in the 5th round would end up playing at all.  Scouts were also unsure as to how Lund projects at the upper levels of the minors or majors.  Scouts still wonder if he’s tapped out physically.
But the Angels were clearly convinced of Lund’s abilities and drafted him in the 11th round.  Lund in turn rewarded them not only by signing but by producing immediately.  It started in Rookie Ball, but Lund has just kept hitting, even after making his way to AA, Lund hit .287.  That’s AA in his very first season as a professional.  Granted, the plate discipline all but disappeared once he got there, but I think you get the point.
Lund is very good at striking a ball with a bat and sending it somewhere defenders aren’t.
The rest of his skills are all varying degrees of solid (except his power), which the ends result becomes a pretty solid ball player.  He hits, gets on base, and won’t hurt you on defense.  Granted, he won’t change the game with one swing of the bat, and isn’t a lock to steal second if he’s on first, but he’s capable of both which is generally what you want.
I think in the most basic terms, good hitters become major leaguers, and Brennon Lund is a good hitter.
What to expect next season: Lund will make a return trip to AA for 2018.  While he did manage to hit .287 there, his K/BB ratio was an ugly 33/3.  His K/BB was exceedingly well in A Ball and solid in Advanced A Ball.  And so far, Lund has shown the ability to make adjustments at every level.  So I’m confident Lund will figure it out in AA.  I expect he may even spend a month or so in AAA as well.
Estimated Time of Arrival: Late 2019, Lund’s age 24 season
Grade as a prospect: C

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