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AngelsWin Top 30 Prospects: #26 OF Troy Montgomery



Prospect: Troy Montgomery
Rank: 26
2016: 18
Position(s): OF
Level: AA
Age: Entering Age 23 season in 2018.
Height: 5’10” – Weight: 190 lb.


Floor: Minor League Depth
Ceiling: Starting OF in the major leagues
Likely Outcome: 4th OF or AAA OF in the majors and minors

Summary: Montgomery is just one of those dependable, solid players that you wish you had more of on the farm.  He hustles between the foul lines, doesn’t throw a fit when his screws up or doesn’t get his way, hassles pitchers on the base paths and forces pitchers to work to get him out.  This isn’t to say Montgomery is a future star, but it is to say you’ll rarely see him not working to better himself, and you’ll rarely ever find yourself saying, “if he had just done this….”  Montgomery does everything within his power to succeed on the diamond.  Hardworking grinders such as this tend to make the most out of their skill sets and that’s precisely what Montgomery is.

If he does make it to the major leagues, Montgomery is immediately one of those players that would endear himself to fans with his all out style of play, hustle and game IQ.  From a physical standpoint, I don’t believe he’ll ever be better than an average major league hitter that lacks power but gets on base and can run a little bit.  But I do think he’d profile well as a 4th outfielder because of his defensive acumen and the aforementioned ability to work a count and reach base.  If not, as I said before, he’s the type of player you wish you had more of in your organization.  It wouldn’t be surprising to see Troy cut a niche for himself as one of those OF that plays for several teams and start the season in AAA but ends up turning in a few solid major league campaigns as a reserve.

What to expect next season: It was great to see Montgomery work his way up to AA in his first full season of professional ball.  While Montgomery struggled there, I do not believe the talent level exceeds his own, and I certainly don’t believe he won’t succeed due to a lack of work ethic.  I expect Troy will spend the year in AA and I expect his numbers will be drastically improved a season before.

Estimated Time of Arrival: 2020, Troy’s age 25 season.
Grade as a prospect: C
Grades are given from the 20-80 scouting scale.  20-being non-existent ability, 80-being the best I’ve ever seen.  MLB average is 50.  A 92 mph fastball generally would be a 50.  A 97 mph fastball is a 65.  A .260 hitter is a 50.  A .300 hitter is a 70. 

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