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2017 Trade Deadline Series: Cameron Maybin



2015-2017 Split vs. LHP as of June 10, 2017


2015-2017 Split vs. RHP as of June 10, 2017


Although he got off to a horrid start, Cameron Maybin has turned his season around in a big way and has been an excellent catalyst hitting lead-off over the last few weeks. Out of all of the Angels players with less than a year of team control remaining he probably has the most trade value heading into the deadline.

Maybin, in 2017, has great splits, posting a wRC+ of 115 and 118 versus left-handed and right-handed pitching, respectively. These splits are a continuation of his excellent 2016 numbers that Cameron previously credited to a mechanical change he made in late 2015. Also he has stolen 17 bags and has only been caught once for a very efficient 94.4% SB%.

On top of that Cameron has played mostly left field (-0.6 UZR/150) and some center field (3.7 UZR/150) with a touch of right field (-28.2 UZR/150) thrown in, good for a FanGraphs DEF score of -2.5. Notably Maybin has spent over 90% of his career in center field, until this year, so those 2017 numbers above reflect a ‘newness’ to the corners and have improved as the season has wore on.

When you combine this defensive ability with his on-base skills and other offensive tools there should be a considerable amount of suitors lining up for his services. His batting splits alone would help greater than 90% of the teams in baseball so he has real value and versatility that a lot of teams would need and make room for.

In the end, if the Angels are still in contention at the deadline, it is highly probable Maybin will stay with the team unless Eppler makes a lateral trade move that involves him. Otherwise the Angels will trade Cameron and possibly try to sign him in the off-season out of free agency. There is also a greater than 0% chance the Angels extend Maybin but, if the Angels are out of the Wild Card race, Eppler would probably prefer to get back value and give him a chance to get a ring on a contending team.

Let us take a look at some of the potential trade partners for Cameron’s services.


Baltimore is one team that could use a hitting upgrade versus LHP and RHP as well as a boost in team defense.

When you examine their outfield situation it is pretty clear that Adam Jones is not going anywhere and Seth Smith has performed decently enough in a platoon role, with Rickard, versus RHP.

However Hyun Soo Kim has floundered offensively in left field this season and the Orioles, who are fighting for a Wild Card spot, may not be able to afford to wait despite his above average defense.

On top of that Kim is in the last year of his contract and is only owed about $2MM through the remainder of 2017. This simply means that if the Orioles can upgrade, then left field is a position to potentially do so. As a bonus it would give the Orioles a real lead-off hitter for the remainder of the season instead of running out Seth Smith at the top of the order.

Orioles Likely Target(s): LF Cameron Maybin, SP Ricky Nolasco, SP Jesse Chavez, SP J.C. Ramirez, and SP Matt Shoemaker

Angels Likely Target(s): AA OF Cedric Mullins, AAA C Chance Sisco, A+ OF/1B Anthony Santander, AAA LHP Chris Lee, AA LHP Tanner Scott, A+ LF Ryan Mountcastle, A+ 3B Jomar Reyes, A+ OF Austin Hays, AA RHP Ryan Meisinger, AA C Austin Wynns, AA C Yermin Mercedes, and A- RHP Hunter Harvey

Trade Scenario(s): The Orioles need a more reliable left fielder and lead-off hitter and could use at least one, if not two, starting pitchers.

  1. Angels trade OF Cameron Maybin to the Orioles in exchange for AA OF Cedric Mullins and AA C Austin Wynns
  2. Angels trade OF Cameron Maybin to the Orioles in exchange for AAA C Chance Sisco and A+ 3B Jomar Reyes
  3. Angels trade OF Cameron Maybin and SP Ricky Nolasco to the Orioles in exchange for AAA C Chance Sisco, AA OF Cedric Mullins, and AA RHP Ryan Meisinger. Angels absorb $3MM of Nolasco’s remaining 2017 salary


Minnesota is fighting tooth and nail for first place in the A.L. Central and although FanGraphs is not very fond of their run differential moving forward (the site believes they will fall out of the race) the fact that they are in the thick of it means they could be buyers at the deadline.

The Twins can definitely use more offense from their outfield. They have stuck with the offensively struggling Rosario and Buxton in left and center field, respectively, in order to preserve the team’s defensive alignment but this doesn’t seem like it can last if the Twins are serious about competing.

Adding a lead-off hitter like Maybin would deepen their offense and allow them to ease the burden on the youngsters Rosario and Buxton moving them to platoon and part-time defensive roles. Defense might suffer to a small degree but the added offensive firepower could be a real boost to an already above average lineup.

Twins Likely Target(s): OF Cameron Maybin, RHP Bud Norris, RHP Yusmeiro Petit, and RHP David Hernandez

Angels Likely Target(s): AA LHP Stephen Gonsalves, AA LHP Tyler Jay, R OF Alex Kirilloff, R SS Wander Javier, AA RHP Fernando Romero, AA RHP Kohl Stewart, AAA C Mitch Garver, AAA OF Zack Granite, A+ LHP Lewis Thorpe, AAA RHP J.T. Chargois, AA RHP Nick Burdi, A 1B Lewin Diaz, AA OF Lamonte Wade, AA RHP Felix Jorge, R RHP Huascar Ynoa, A+ LHP Lachlan Wells, R RHP Brusdar Graterol, AAA RHP Aaron Slegers, AA RHP John Curtiss, A+ 2B Luis Arraez, R RHP James Jax, and A RHP Sean Poppen

Trade Scenario(s): The Twins really could use a more productive outfielder and are in dire need of right-handed and left-handed relief help. Additionally adding a lead-off hitter would move Dozier to the 2-hole and strengthen and lengthen their lineup as a whole.

  1. Angels trade OF Cameron Maybin to the Twins in exchange for AA LHP Stephen Gonsalves and A+ LHP Lewis Thorpe
  2. Angels trade OF Cameron Maybin to the Twins in exchange for AAA C Mitch Garver and AAA RHP J.T. Chargois
  3. Angels trade OF Cameron Maybin and RP Bud Norris to the Twins in exchange for AA LHP Stephen Gonsalves, R OF Alex Kirilloff, A+ 2B Luis Arraez, and R SS Wander Javier


Colorado started off the season with an enviable selection of outfield options and, after a short 2 1/2 months they find themselves with an injured David Dahl and Gerardo Parra and a troubling and wildly, offensively-ineffective Carlos Gonzalez and Ian Desmond. Only Charlie Blackmon has been performing up to snuff.

If the Rockies continue to compete despite their outfielders best efforts to stay on the disabled list and under perform, Colorado may have to add a short term bridge, probably in one of the corner spots.

Cameron Maybin might be the solution to a team that will likely want to make a sustained run at their Division by adding significant depth pieces to absorb the injuries and poor production that has plagued their outfield in the first half.

Rockies Likely Target(s): OF Cameron Maybin, OF Eric Young Jr., UTIL Danny Espinosa, UTIL Cliff Pennington, RHP David Hernandez, RHP Yusmeiro Petit, and RHP Bud Norris

Angels Likely Target(s): R OF Pedro Gonzalez, A+ 2B Forrest Wall, AA RHP Ryan Castellani, A LHP Ben Bowden, A+ RHP Peter Lambert, AAA 1B/3B Ryan McMahon, AAA LHP Sam Howard, AA C Dom Nunez, A- RHP Robert Tyler, A 3B Colton Welker, A RHP Julian Fernandez, A RHP David Hill, A+ OF Wes Rogers, A- RHP Javier Medina, and AAA OF Mike Tauchman

Trade Scenario(s): Frankly the Rockies may not wind up needing someone like Maybin as they have a potentially capable group of outfielders but baseball is a really funny sport and fortunes can flip at a moment’s notice. It is also possible the Rockies could use a defensive-oriented utility guy that can backup at shortstop so Espinosa or Pennington, as left-handed bats, would compliment Amarista’s right-handed production. Finally and most remotely Chad Qualls has disappointed and Adam Ottavino is on the disabled list so they may have interest in one of our right-handed relievers to bolster their middle bullpen depth for a stretch run.

  1. Angels trade OF Cameron Maybin to the Rockies in exchange for AA RHP Ryan Castellani and A LHP Ben Bowden
  2. Angels trade OF Cameron Maybin and RHP David Hernandez to the Rockies in exchange for AAA LHP Sam Howard, AA C Dom Nunez, A RHP David Hill, and A+ RHP Peter Lambert
  3. Angels trade OF Cameron Maybin, UTIL Danny Espinosa, and RHP David Hernandez in exchange for AAA 1B/3B Ryan McMahon, A LHP Ben Bowden, A+ OF Wes Rogers, and A- RHP Javier Medina


If the Rays are in it at the deadline they could decide to pick up a more reliable producer in CF rather than trust a youngster like Mallex Smith. This is, of course, contingent on Kevin Kiermaier’s health but, as reported on MLBTradeRumors.com, he is out 6-8 weeks and only after that can he even begin to ramp up baseball activities so he is effectively out for at least 8 weeks minimum which is touching September.

By acquiring Maybin they can keep Smith down in the Minors as an injury reserve (and to continue his development) and depth. If Kiermaier manages to come back on the lower end of this timetable Cameron can enter a timeshare with Rasmus and Kiermaier as needed.

Rays Likely Target(s): OF Cameron Maybin, OF Eric Young Jr., SP Ricky Nolasco, RHP Bud Norris, RHP Yusmeiro Petit, and RHP David Hernandez

Angels Likely Target(s): AAA RHP Brent Honeywell, RHP Jose De Leon, A OF Jesus Sanchez, AAA RHP Chih-Wei Hu, AA OF Justin Williams, RHP Jacob Faria, AAA RHP Ryne Stanek, AAA RHP Diego Castillo, R LHP Resly Linares, A+ 3B Kevin Padlo, AAA RHP Taylor Guerrieri, AA RHP Hunter Wood, AAA RHP Jaime Schultz, AA RHP Greg Harris, A+ C David Rodriguez, LHP Jose Alvarado, A+ RHP Brandon Koch, A+ LHP Genesis Cabrera, AAA LHP Ryan Yarbrough, A RHP Deivy Mendez, A- Vidal Brujan, A+ RHP Blake Bivens, A RHP Adrian Navas, A RHP Kevin Gadea, A RHP Peter Bayer, R C Ronaldo Hernandez, and A LHP Kenny Rosenberg

Trade Scenario(s): The loss of Kiermaier may force the Rays hand especially if Mallex Smith does not perform to expectations. On top of that the Rays could use a starter primarily to avoid beginning service clocks on one of their AAA options which is important for a small market team like Tampa Bay. Finally the Rays could use bullpen help and someone like Norris or Hernandez seems like a good fit.

  1. Angels trade OF Cameron Maybin to the Rays in exchange for AAA RHP Chih-Wei Hu and A RHP Deivy Mendez
  2. Angels trade OF Cameron Maybin and RHP Bud Norris to the Rays in exchange for AAA RHP Diego Castillo, AAA RHP Jaime Schultz, and R C Ronaldo Hernandez
  3. Angels trade OF Cameron Maybin, SP Ricky Nolasco, and RHP David Hernandez to the Rays in exchange for AAA Chih-Wei Hu, AAA RHP Jaime Schultz, LHP Jose Alvarado, and A+ LHP Genesis Cabrera. Angels absorb $2MM of Nolasco’s remaining 2017 salary


Overall the Nationals are not hurting too bad in terms of overall production so replacing the injured Adam Eaton, who is out for the season, is not a do or die priority. However Washington is not getting the offensive production they need out of Michael Taylor, Adam’s replacement in center field, so adding Maybin would deepen their lineup even further and give them a steady veteran as a stop gap measure for the remainder of the year.

Nationals Likely Target(s): OF Cameron Maybin, UTIL Danny Espinosa, UTIL Cliff Pennington, RHP David Hernandez, RHP Blake Parker, and RHP Bud Norris

Angels Likely Target(s): A+ OF Victor Robles, A OF Juan Soto, AAA RHP Erick Fedde, DSL SS Luis Garcia, A 3B Carter Kieboom, RHP Koda Glover, AAA C Pedro Severino, AA 1B Jose Marmolejos, A OF Daniel Johnson, A C Jakson Reetz, A LHP Tyler Watson, and AA RHP Ryan Brinley

Trade Scenario(s): The Nationals are in a pretty good place overall but every team in contention wants to do all it can to help seal the deal in October. Washington could use a stop gap center fielder and Maybin could be a slightly cheaper version of Lorenzo Cain at the deadline. Also certain members of the Nat’s bullpen are not performing well so adding someone like David Hernandez or Bud Norris would give them more firepower, particularly against left-handed hitters, in later innings. Finally a left-handed hitting defensive-minded utility backup like Espinosa (questionable considering the way he argued with Nat’s management before they traded him to the Halos) or Pennington might be in the cards.

  1. Angels trade OF Cameron Maybin to the Nationals in exchange for AAA RHP Erick Fedde and AA 1B Jose Marmolejos
  2. Angels trade OF Cameron Maybin and RHP David Hernandez to the Nationals in exchange for RHP Koda Glover, AA RHP Ryan Brinley, A OF Juan Soto, and A LHP Tyler Watson
  3. Angels trade OF Cameron Maybin, UTIL Danny Espinosa, and RHP David Hernandez in exchange for AAA Erick Fedde, RHP Koda Glover, A C Jakson Reetz, and DSL SS Luis Garcia


Detroit, surprisingly, has kept their heads above water and are still within striking distance of a vulnerable A.L. Central Division race.

The Tigers need for an outfielder like Maybin rests solely in center field as the offensively productive Justin Upton and J.D. Martinez are embedded in their positions. Fortunately for the Angels, Detroit has run out a haphazard group of young players trying to fill the position.

Cameron would clearly be an offensive upgrade and probably a slight defensive one over Presley, Romine, and company. Also Maybin could slot in at lead-off in front of Kinsler, creating an even deeper offensive lineup.

For Maybin it would be a return to the team that drafted him and traded him to the Angels late last year so it may be a bittersweet return but it would be a familiar one especially patrolling in center field which may have appeal for a potentially contending Tigers squad.

Tigers Likely Target(s): OF Cameron Maybin, OF Eric Young Jr., RHP David Hernandez, RHP Yusmeiro Petit, RHP Blake Parker, and RHP Bud Norris

Angels Likely Target(s): R RHP Matt Manning, AA RHP Beau Burrows, AA LHP Tyler Alexander, AA OF Mike Gerber, RHP Joe Jimenez, SS Dixon Machado, A+ RHP Kyle Funkhouser, AA RHP Adam Ravanelle, A+ RHP Gerson Moreno, A+ RHP Sandy Baez, R 2B Hector Martinez, A+ RHP Spencer Turnbull, R RHP Wladimir Pinto, AA RHP Myles Jaye, AA LHP Jairo Labourt, A+ RHP Drew Smith, A+ LHP Matt Hall, and AA RHP Artie Lewicki

Trade Scenario(s): Detroit, in the current standings, are still in the mix for a shot at the Division and Wild Card. If that holds they could certainly use a shot in the arm in center field. Additionally the Tigers rotation has been quite ineffective against RHP so that is likely a concern for their management although it is unclear how they can address the issue.

  1. Angels trade OF Cameron Maybin to the Tigers in exchange for AA LHP Tyler Alexander and A+ RHP Spencer Turnbull
  2. Angels trade OF Cameron Maybin and RHP Yusmeiro Petit to the Tigers in exchange for RHP Joe Jimenez, R RHP Wladimir Pinto, and A+ LHP Matt Hall

Blue Jays

Toronto has experienced two key injuries recently with the loss of Carrera (fractured foot) in left field and Travis (right knee procedure) at 2B.

The Jays have thrown Steve Pearce out in left field and Ryan Goins in at second base but Toronto may be better off moving Pearce to 2B, where he has recent experience playing, and find a replacement outfielder. Alternatively they could keep Pearce in LF and find a replacement 2B.

In the case of the former Maybin makes a lot more sense in terms of improving overall team production from both sides of the plate. More importantly it would give them a true lead-off hitter.

Blue Jays Likely Target(s): OF Cameron Maybin and OF Eric Young Jr.

Angels Likely Target(s): A 3B Vladimir Guerrero Jr., AA OF Anthony Alford, AA RHP Sean Reid-Foley, AA RHP Jon Harris, A+ RHP T.J. Zeuch, AA RHP Conner Greene, A 2B Bo Bichette, A RHP Justin Maese, A OF Joshua Palacios, A OF J.B. Woodman, AA C Reese McGuire, A+ C Max Pentecost, A+ RHP Zach Jackson, A+ LHP Ryan Borucki, AA OF Jonathan Davis, and A RHP Yennsy Diaz

Trade Scenario(s): The Blue Jays are sitting in the 2nd Wild Card spot at the moment so they are likely to be buyers and, in order to get what they need for the stretch run, they will have to pay through the nose. Offensive improvement is key for Toronto and LF and 2B are the two areas they can upgrade.

  1. Angels trade OF Cameron Maybin to the Blue Jays in exchange for AA OF Anthony Alford and AA C Reese McGuire
  2. Angels trade OF Cameron Maybin to the Blue Jays in exchange for A 3B Vladimir Guerrero Jr.


Based on Cameron’s stellar performance in 2017 it is fair to say that he would add significant value to any team attempting to acquire him and, in return, cost that club at least one, good quality prospect (think Top 50-100 range) plus a mid-tier secondary piece. It could be more or less but that is probably in the ballpark based on the added value he can provide for the stretch run.

The seven teams listed above, the Nationals, Blue Jays, Tigers, Rays, Rockies, Twins, and Orioles could all be probable, potential suitors based on our analysis. Cameron faces some competition on the market from Lorenzo Cain and possibly someone like Billy Hamilton but for the relative price and value he brings, Maybin should be a fairly hot commodity.

For the other teams not listed, Cameron does not seem like a great fit. For instance the Mariners could possibly replace Herredia in left field but it is not a necessity. The Brewers might have interest if they are in the race by temporarily upgrading over Hernan Perez in left field as well.

The Yankees are unlikely to seek out Cameron as it would purely be a luxury to upgrade their backup outfielder Torreyes which does not make sense. Arizona is about to get Pollock and Tomas back so they have a crowded outfield situation. Texas got Carlos Gomez back so they do not appear to have a need at this moment in time.

Also the Dodgers, Indians, Cubs, Red Sox, Mets, and Astros all have significant depth in the outfield and prospects they could pull on if they have a need making them much less likely as well. This does not completely rule these teams out but unless they move one of their existing outfielders it makes a trade improbable.

Finally most of what applied here to Cameron Maybin would also apply to teams that are interested in Eric Young Jr. with the only difference being in value where Eric would not pull in quite as much in trade (although if he keeps hitting like this he may get close to, or exceed, Maybin’s return). It may turn out that the Angels hold onto Ben Revere and sell off both Maybin and Young.

Based on this similarity we will forego writing up an article on Eric Young Jr. and simply use the same set of team trade candidates found here because his skill set and 2017 splits are nearly indistinguishable from Maybin’s although Eric’s total value will be a bit less because of the difference in name-brand recognition and MLB time. Young could pull in a nice mid-tier prospect.

Author’s Best Guess: The Nationals because their farm system is nearly exhausted and they probably do not want to pay the price for Cain or Hamilton and certainly do not need the latter’s additional years of team control with Eaton returning next year.

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