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  1. Starting to be a mess? I think it was a mess awhile ago. I'm afraid neither side has the optics to figure out how to make the fans happy.
  2. Along with someone like Tanana I would pick Tyler Skaggs. Maybe if the injuries didn't happen then he wouldn't have been taking the crazy pain meds and he'd still be here. Plus when he was healthy he could be pretty good.
  3. I wish they would do something to make the stadium more kid friendly. It stinks that behind the rocks you have absolutely no view of the field anymore. When my kids were younger they loved being back there because sitting in a seat for 2 hours isn't happening (We'd only ever make it that long) . But then I'd be stuck not actually watching any of the game since there are no TVs and you can't see the field. I have a feeling it will take a couple years but eventually there will be a new stadium built in the parking lot. It would've been sooner if not for this mess we are in.
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