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  1. Memorial Day without baseball was weird but I kind of shrugged it off. 4th of July without baseball, however, is going to be flat-out depressing.
  2. Thank you for providing a different perspective. We need more of that in this world.
  3. It would be idiotic if they can't make this work. Which is why I have no doubt they can't make this work.
  4. If the real season starts and the Angels are good, can I still complain about how bad the pretend Angels are?
  5. If she prevails, do I never again have to see a commercial for Will & Grace?
  6. I had been planning to take my parents to UCLA @ Colorado 10/17, as they are both Bruin alums but have never seen a game at Folsom Field (which I love).
  7. This will just make it even funnier when they fold in October.
  8. I was broke in grad school, like most students, so one day when Red Lobster advertised a $6.99 lunch special of "beer battered shrimp and chips," I excitedly went there that very day. I had not been since my grandmother died because grandmothers are the only reason anyone ever goes to Red Lobster. (Save one year when I had an Armenian boss who thought the Red Lobster in Glendale was the greatest restaurant in America and hosted our holiday party there.) Anyway, the reason the lunch special was so cheap is that all I received were five pieces of shrimp and a handful of fries. So it was a more expensive, crappier version of Popeyes. I have not returned and, short of losing a bet or being forced at gunpoint, do not imagine I ever will.
  9. If I tell you I'd watch soccer, just cut out the middleman and put me out of my misery, please.
  10. I'm the opposite. I'm so desperate for sports, I'd be thrilled to watch the NBA right now. (Western Conference only.)
  11. I was disappointed - but, sadly, not surprised - this past week to see the number of people not practicing social distancing (or wearing masks) at stores. Maybe they think the worst is behind us and if they didn't get sick yet, they're not going to. Or maybe they just don't care. I also made a trip to Walmart for the first time in over a month, and it left me despairing for the state of humanity. However, I feel that way every time I visit Walmart, not merely during a pandemic.
  12. Speaking of baby - will Pretend Mike miss games when Real Mike's baby is born this summer? My guess would be no, but I have no idea how it works.
  13. Two memories: 1) The bow-and-arrow 9th inning in 2014 - his RBI double and his reaction after. Even though it was clear at that point that his contract was going to be a (probably massive) disappointment, it was fun to see him come up huge in a moment like that when his - and the Angels - pride were on the line. A brief glimpse into the pride of a once-great player. 2) June 2015. Albert hit .303 for the month, but more importantly he hit 13 home runs in 27 games, leading to his only All Star appearance for the Angels. He had a 1.132 OPS and 182 OPS+ for the month. Although I certainly follow baseball closely and am usually aware of stats, and certainly history, I do not watch NL teams on a daily basis like I do AL. It was amazing to think Holy shit, this is what Cardinals fans got to see for 11 straight years? It's easy to understand why they love him in a way that Angels fans never will, and thus vice-versa.
  14. Are you aware that you can watch those games on YouTube at any time?
  15. That's how I felt, too, but in my memory most of the people here disliked that move, or at the very least did not understand it. Am I remembering that correctly? I disliked signing Josh Hamilton and trading Joe Saunders for Dan Haren. (I feel I was right about the former and wrong about the latter.) Also, I know this isn't an "Angels move," but I was really disappointed when we went from Hudler to Rojas. I was spectacularly wrong, as I enjoy Victor WAY more than I ever did Rex. (Not an exact comparison, as one was color and the other play-by-play, but I view both of them as the dominant presence in the booth.)
  16. Kershaw seems like a great guy and in his (non-postseason) prime, he was spectacular to watch on the mound, like he was conducting a symphony. (Up until a couple of years ago, I would have said Altuve as well, but I got sick of the Astros real fast and the events of the last few months have multiplied that.) However, there will never, ever be another non-Angel whom I love more than I did Tony Gwynn.
  17. Wow, I had no idea Dallas was doing that. Yeah, that's worse.
  18. None of us expected the ending to be pretty. I - and I imagine lots of others - thought the first 3-4 years of the contract would be good enough to make the last 6-7 years palatable. I was wrong.
  19. I think it would have been C. Thomas Howell first. The blood-drinking scene was merely to see if he would do anything Swayze and Sheen told him to do. Somewhere there is an outtake of Sheen telling him that night "You know, the Blackfeet have another tradition after your first kill...."
  20. More like confusion. I mean, I could understand the Russkies taking Jennifer Grey that way...