Shohei Ohtani deadlifts unbelievable amount of weight, proving he's at full strength (Video)

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Angels slugger and superstar pitcher Shohei Ohtani dealt with both knee and elbow injuries toward the end of last season, but he appears to have fully recovered from both of those.

We say that because there’s one weightlifting exercise that truly involves nearly every muscle in one’s body — with elbows and knees both playing a key part. In part, the knees — as well as one’s back — play a major role in load bearing.

The deadlift, as it’s called, is a functional exercise that is a great display of one’s strength. Ohtani recently showed off a video of him deadlifting — 495 pounds at that. You’ll want to check out this massive display of strength below.



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An interesting quandary about being a hitter and a pitcher, is I imagine the type of muscles you work out are pretty different. What's good for one may not be good for another.

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