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  1. Completely agree. Our FA & draft focus has to almost exclusively be on pitching. Let's put more emphasis on building our farm system pitching and put a temporary hold on acquiring high priced hitters. Pitching is the only way this team ever returns to the playoffs.
  2. The 9th pick could land us Leiter or Cannon. I'm never expecting Ohtani to ever be a good pitcher. Too many distractions. Just work on his swing and maybe you can turn him into an .280 hitting OF'er someday?
  3. Just spend the money on Bauer. He'd be our first #1 in forever. Bundy can pretend to be a 2. Then Heaney, Canning & Barria fill it out. And Detmers in the wings. 9th pick obviously a pitcher.
  4. I agree. Bush move on his part. Spend the money on quality pitchers.
  5. More importantly he takes over for Pujols. I think Ward will require a little more seasoning like Adell.
  6. 1. Stro...man 2. Gaus...man 3. Hendricks...man $40M
  7. I agree. We must have 4 quality arms including Bauer. I don't even care about position players. It's pitching or bust.
  8. .631 ops in AA screams not ready yet. Not thrilled with Rengifo but I guess he'll have to do at 2nd if Simba leaves?
  9. It's time to back the Brinks truck for a SP. No more hitters. Pitching wins championships.
  10. Exactly. This convoluted idea of Ohtani ever pitching successfully is a pipe dream. Find your best 5 pitchers and spend your time with Shohei teaching him how not to lean backwards when he swings. Now that would be productive.
  11. Milestone Albert. Glad we could employ him these last 10 years so he could hit some of these meaningless milestones. Wake me when he helps us win a playoff game.
  12. Basically we're going to have to copy the 2015 Royals. Getting Bauer is a Hail Mary....
  13. Epplers failure rate on finding good pitchers was too big to ignore.
  14. I agree. Joe inherited a garbage pitching staff. There wasn't enough lipstick to cover this pig. I have no doubt he will retool the pitching. Weed out the slugs. If we are lucky enough to play a full season in 2021, we're making playoffs.
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