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  1. Even a 5 inning game can go well over 2 hours.
  2. Noah Syndergaard would look perfect in a Halo uniform.
  3. Exactly, I'm shocked it took this long for someone to mention that game/season.
  4. The question remains did we improve our pitching enough. Or are we looking at an 84 win team that just misses the WC? It's still mind boggling that Mike Trout has never won a playoff game.
  5. I don't care anymore what we get from him on the mound. But if he can continue to work on his swing then $8M over 2 years is a bargain.
  6. Hey Mickey you're so fine....you're so fine...Hey Mickey Bye bye dumbass
  7. Does this move the needle at all? 7-22 / 5.10 era with the Orioles. Turns 34 this fall.
  8. Talk about longevity. Started with the Dodgers as a 21 year old and ended his career at 43. I remember Don going 15-11 with a 3.7 era in 86'. He always battled on the hill. One of the all time Dodger greats. RIP Don
  9. We've been stuck for 10 years with Albert.
  10. I'd do this deal in a heartbeat. For Gods sake the Angels need pitching 10x more than anymore position players. We know what we get in Clevinger. Adell is still an unknown prospect who could very well flame out. Get as many top line pitchers as you can. Plus we have Marsh.
  11. Can we please start developing pitchers in our farm system once again? His #1 job is obviously beefing up our pitching staff.
  12. Exactly. I have absolutely no faith Ohtani ever becomes a steady starter. I think that ship has sailed. Work on his swing and maybe we can turn him into a very good DH.
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