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  1. With this embarrassing bullpen the remainder of this season us kinda pointless.
  2. This is a no brainer. Ohtani is an above average hitter and should be our FT DH for the next several years. I just don't see his arm and pitching confidence keeping up. Shohei just doesn't strike me as a real grinder on the mound. Besides he'll never touch 98-100 again. Cut you loses and end this little experiment. Every dime we spend next year better be on pitching.
  3. The bullpen era has to be around 9? If I was Trout I'd stay home too. This team is pathetic.
  4. He doesn't even pick up the 3rd base coach. Hilarious.....
  5. So true. Shiney new object. Always a washed up hitter. We've dealt with mediocre GM's and an owner who just can't step aside.
  6. Have you ever seen Simmons swing at a pitch without dropping to a knee.
  7. Andriese.....another reject scrub in the tradition of Cahill and Harvey. Eppler you sure can pick em. Thank God this season will be flushed in a couple weeks.
  8. These clowns can't follow the rules. I'll be shocked if this season lasts till next weekend.
  9. A pistachio you can't open....Albatross Pujols leading the Halos to the playoffs....
  10. Our problem is pitching, not hitting. Our problem has always been pitching.
  11. Why don't we take some of that Pujols money and find real pitchers.
  12. I completely agree on the pitching side of the slate. It seems like so long since we've had a young pitcher step up for this organization. All Heaney has to do is have a sub 4 era and let this offense do something.
  13. Pujols is the obvious answer. 11 seasons with the Cardinals he batted .328/ OPS 1037. As an Angel an abysmal .258 and 763 OPS. Probably one of the worst contracts in Angel history along with Wells, Hamilton etc. Also Upton better show up or he's done in my eyes.