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AngelsWin.com's Exclusive Interview with Angels LHP Prospect Ky Bush




Photo by: Cristina Byrne-Sternberg/Rocket City Trash Pandas

By Chuck Richter, AngelsWin.com

October 13th, 2022

What a season it has been for the Angels 2021 second-round pick. Bush was selected to the Futures Games and was selected to pitch Game One of the Southern League playoffs against the Tennessee Smokies and blanked the opposition over five scoreless innings and earned the win. 

The 6-foot-6 Bush saw his fastball tick up from 88-90 mph in junior college to topping out at 96 mph when he was with St. Mary’s which caught the eye of the Angels scouting department. Bush throws his heater with deception and sink, but at times he can struggle with his fastball command. He also flashes a plus slider flash that he throws in the low-80s. The slider gets some ugly swings on balls out of the zone as it has hard late break to it. Bush also offers mid-70s curve and a changeup that is coming along nicely, a pitch that has pleased the Angels developmental department. 

MLB Pipeline recognized what arguably was Ky Bush's most dominant game of the 2022 minor league season. You can see his full repertoire on full display below. 

In our interview with Bush he also talked about his experience at the Futures Game. Bush threw a scoreless inning, gave up a hit, walk and fanned St. Louis Cardinals prospect Masyn Winn.

The Trash Pandas turned to Ky Bush in Game One of the Southern League playoffs against the Tennessee Smokies and the southpaw spun 5 scoreless innings, giving up 4 hits, a walk and fanned 7, notching the victory. 

We covered many topics with Ky Bush while at Toyota Field, so check out our interview below with the Angels top LHP prospect. 

Here's the complete interview transcript below.

AngelsWin.com: Chuck Richter here from AngelsWin.com. We’re here with Ky Bush. Ky, how’re you doing?

Ky Bush: Good. How are you?

AngelsWin.com: Good. First off, what has it been like to be a part of this exciting playoff run that you guys are on in this team?

Ky Bush: Yeah. I mean, it’s been a great experience. They brought in, like, most of our guys. So, it’s, kind of, been great to build back relationships after all of us grew up together and just keep doing our thing.

AngelsWin.com: It always goes back last year, but was Draft Day like for you?

Ky Bush: It was exciting. There was maybe talk of the first day, first round. So, we set up our family; watched that, but once Day 2 came, we knew it was going to happen. So, Day 2 was really exciting. It was just with my grandparents, parents, fiancé and her family, just, kind of, close-knit people, and it was a good day.

AngelsWin.com: That’s cool. This year, you got to be a part of something exciting. Tell us a little bit about the Futures game.

Ky Bush: It was an honor to experience; it was an honor to represent the Angels and be a bunch of great guys and just go play at Dodger’s Stadium. It was a really cool experience. Glad I got to do it.

AngelsWin.com: That’s great. What will Angels fans come to learn about you, the player and the person?

Ky Bush: I’m a competitor. I like to just go right at guys. I like to win. I like to just do everything I can to put our team in a good spot to win. So, whatever I can do to help the team is what I’m all about.

AngelsWin.com: Tell us a little bit about your repertoire, your pitches and fastball velo?

Ky Bush: Yeah. I got a fastball, a slider, curveball, changeup. A basic pitch, I just throw the four-seam fastball. Velo’s been tuned down a little bit, but for the most part, it’s pretty heavy, good, live fastball. But yeah, it’s pretty good.

AngelsWin.com: Anything that you’re working on of any of those pitches that you’re trying to maybe improve upon or…

Ky Bush: Yeah. I mean, you can always work on stuff. I think it’s fine tuning; I mean, a leap to command all four. I mean, you never have all four pitches in a start. So, velo, or the slider’s not there, the curveball is there, is being able to have all four pitches available.

AngelsWin.com: So, Major League Baseball and Baseball America have you ranked as the Angels top pitching prospect. What does that mean to you, and do you and your teammates actually follow those prospect rankings?

Ky Bush: We notice them. It’s not really something we, like, talk about or anything. Seeing your name is pretty cool. It, kind of, just shows the work you’re putting in as being noticed. I mean, you got to, like, see it and recognize it, but you also can’t, like, focus on it. That’d be your worry as being a top prospect, but at the same time, just do your thing.

AngelsWin.com: Yeah. Are you left to your own devices in terms of, you know, workout, diet, baseball activities, or does the organization have, like, a plan for you that they’ve put together?

Ky Bush: They have a plan for us. I think, Coach Henry Alleck here, he does a great job of getting our workouts, conditioning, all that kind of stuff. And we have a Dr. [Shabekian 00:02:41], does a great—she comes into town every month or so. She checks in and makes sure we have the stuff we need. So, they got a great plan downloaded for us.

AngelsWin.com: What has impressed you the most this season in terms of maybe a teammate or, maybe, even an opposing player?

Ky Bush: I think just this group in general. I mean, I’m hoping to have all of us here, but keep winning and do what we’ve been doing. It’s pretty impressive. So, I think just everyone as a whole. As an individual player, I’d have to Chase Silseth. I mean, what he’s done this year, again, getting called up—doing what he did up there, I mean, he’s had an amazing year. It’s fun being close to him and also to see his success.

AngelsWin.com: Toughest out?

Ky Bush: Toughest out this year? I would say Curtis Mead is a good one.

Ky Bush: Yeah, he’s pretty good. I met him in the Futures game. So, he’s a good kid.

AngelsWin.com: Oh, yeah. That’s right. Yeah. What do you think has been your best professional game to date or, maybe, even going back to college?

Ky Bush: This year? I mean, it’s hard to say which one. I mean, I’d say it just been, kind of, steady attack. Not one outing is really, I guess, shone out. But I’ve been just, kind of, been grinding it out, get it done and rest. In college, kind of, the same thing. Just did my thing; not really one outing stands out.

AngelsWin.com: Steady.

Ky Bush: Yeah.

AngelsWin.com: Consistent. Nice. When did you first commit to playing baseball?

Ky Bush: I committed summer going into my junior year at Washington State.

AngelsWin.com: Oh, wow. Okay. Wow. Okay. Favorite team and/or players growing up?

Ky Bush: I was a Red Sox fan growing up. I’m from Utah, so I get to pick whatever team—

AngelsWin.com: [laugh] Yeah, exactly, right?

Ky Bush: —I want. So, I went to the Red Sox, fell in love with Big Papi. My favorite, I mean, David Ortiz. Pitching-wise, I follow Clayton Kershaw a lot as a kid. So, yeah.

AngelsWin.com: There you go. Okay, lighter side—I know we got to get—favorite movie?

Ky Bush: Favorite movie? I’m going to go with Step Brothers.

AngelsWin.com: Step Brothers. Okay. Favorite song and/or artist?

Ky Bush: Anything by Kanye West I like. I also like country music. Yeah, probably Kanye West is up there.

AngelsWin.com: Okay. Favorite video game?

Ky Bush: [laugh] I don’t play video games much.

AngelsWin.com: I don’t either. [laugh]

Ky Bush: I’d probably just go, I’ll be, The Show. If I ever get on, it’s I’m playing The Show or something.

AngelsWin.com: Okay. What’s a perfect day look like for you away from baseball?

Ky Bush: Somewhere on the golf course.

AngelsWin.com: Okay.

Ky Bush: Yeah. I think I’ve golfed in the las year. So, I’m not great at it, but I just love being out there. The green outside is the best. So, I love nature. So, yeah.

AngelsWin.com: Good. Last question. When you’re done playing baseball, what do you see your next career as?

Ky Bush: I’m hoping the career’s long enough to where [laugh] I don’t have to worry about that.

AngelsWin.com: [laugh] Fair enough.

Ky Bush: I haven’t really thought about it. Baseball’s the plan right now. So, hopefully, it goes long enough to where I can retire, hang out with my family, and golf a lot. So, that’s the goal.

AngelsWin.com: There you go. Hey, give the best of luck to you, Ky.

Ky Bush: Thank you. I appreciate it.

AngelsWin.com: Thank you.


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