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Found 4 results

  1. By @angelsnationtalk, AngelsWin.com Contributor Before we get started let's look at the 5 majors additions the Angels have made so far in 2020. Traded for RP Raisel Iglesias (+$9.125M) Traded for SS Jose Iglesias (+3.5M) Signed RP Alex Claudio (+$1.125M) Signed C Kurt Suzuki (+$1.5M) Signed SP Jose Quintana (+8M) Total adds an additional $23.25M to the 2021 payroll. Here's what is interesting. All of these players become free agents after the 2021 season. Therefore.... The cost for 2021: $23.25M The cost for 2022: $0. Opening Day payroll: $173,413,096 CB Tax Payroll: $185,933,334 Tax Space: $24,066,666 Arte Moreno said to reporters while introducing Perry Minasian as the Angels' new GM that the payroll will not go down. This has been justified as the Angels will have their highest Opening Day payroll in club history at roughly $173.4M. The most important piece of this entire story is that none of these acquisitions for the Angels impact their future 2022 payroll obligations and beyond. Here is where things get very interesting. This is the first year since around 2015-2016 where the division is up for grabs. The Angels have the best chances to win the AL West. Arte Moreno has also said in the past that he wouldn't be concerned about going over the luxury tax if it was for the right player. Well, with a new CBA likely needed to begin the 2022 we could see some drastic changes to payroll that might not even bother Arte Moreno. First thing is what will the tax threshold be? It's currently set at $210M for 2021. After that it's up for a negotiation. Will it be $215M? $220M? or even $250M? No one knows. But what we can guess is that if the threshold goes up (yes, Arte has said he cares about actual payroll and not AAV/threshold numbers), then the Angels have reached their opportunity to push the budget for 2021 and let it reset for 2022. Arte Moreno has publicly put himself on the hot seat by firing Billy Eppler and publicly announcing they were having serious internal talks (including with Trout) about what needs to be fixed. And yes, they acknowledged they need rotation help. The Angels have spent the last couple of seasons signing 1yr deals to starting pitchers with major question marks. Take Harvey, Cahill and Teheran for example. Anyone else get that Deja Vu feeling with a 1yr deal to Quintana? The Angels aren't done. Pujols' contract is off the books in 2022 and the Angels will reset the payroll a bit with that. Trevor Bauer is next for the Angels. The front office knows the upset that will happen if we skip out on another year for a top rotation piece. I'll leave it with a quote from Angels President, Jon Carpino from a story by @Jeff Fletcher back in September talking about how they feel with Mike Trout. “We feel tremendous responsibility to Mike,” Carpino said. “We believe he’s one of the greatest players… Being able to surround Mike, to be able to perform on the game’s greatest stage… Yeah, we feel it every day.” See you soon, Trevor Bauer. Photo credit to https://twitter.com/escobedo49 / https://enriqueescobedo.myportfolio.com/
  2. By Robert Cunningham, AngelsWin.com Senior Writer Once again the Primer Series discussion turns to Eppler's core belief in up-the-middle-defense, of which the keystone is a major component part. When you think about Eppler's statement prior to the 2019 season, regarding young players with upside stepping up, you have to believe that second base is a position that could potentially be filled internally for the 2020 season, not only for real production purposes but also to relieve potential payroll expenditures at the keystone. To emphasize this point, below is a list of 2B candidates sorted over the last three seasons using FanGraphs 'Def' statistic, sorted on a rate basis per game (Def/G) with a minimum of 50 Games played at the keystone: 2017-2019 Top 35 Second Basemen Sorted by FanGraphs 'Def' on a Per Game Rate Basis Minimum 50 G's Played Perhaps, rather unshockingly, the Angels have two players, Fletcher and Rengifo, ranked in the Top 20 defensive players at the keystone (and three former Angels; Kinsler, Beckham, and Espinosa, ranked in the Top 15). Leading the entire list is the sure-footed David Fletcher who, on a 155-games played basis, would average nearly 2.8 Wins Above Replacement if he played full-time. Well behind him, but a defensive force in his own right, is newcomer Luis Rengifo ranked 18th at the position. If you firmly believe, as Eppler appears to do, that defense is critical at the keystone then there is no one even close to Fletcher, defensively at the position, over the last three seasons if you believe the sample size is sufficient (it may not be so take it with a grain of salt but it passes the eye test). He dwarfs even the gifted Ian Kinsler by quite a margin, making him an easy choice to man 2B in 2020, particularly since he has a near-League average wRC+ of 96 over that same time period which is slightly higher than League average. His elite glove and instincts combined with his excellent contact ability make him a prime choice for Eppler to place his faith in next season. Rengifo, who is defensively talented as well, has put up good numbers against RHP (wRC+ of 98) but was far worse against lefties (wRC+ of 62) in 2019, unlike David who is more consistent offensively against both sides of the mound. Luis is young and can certainly improve but it is clear who the preferred choice is here, right now. One name not on the list, but very well could be if he played the position, is Zack Cozart. He represents a real unknown heading into this off-season as the Angels are on the hook for his 2020 $12.7M salary. Cozart is discussed further in the Third Base article of this series but he too is an option at the keystone if the Angels don't play him at 3B. He is also a trade candidate if Eppler can wrangle together a bad contract swap or a partial or full salary dump for prospects deal. Another potential choice that has not garnered any Major League playing time yet is young promising prospect Jahmai Jones who was recently added to the 40-man roster. If Jones is not traded he will probably act as quality depth at 2B and all of the outfield positions, in all probability, but is an unlikely choice to start the 2020 season in the Majors. The Angels could certainly sign a free agent or trade for a keystone player, as the market is saturated with average-to-mediocre 2B candidates, but that seems inefficient and an unnecessary expenditure of payroll resources with such a talented defender like Fletcher in the fold. It would only make some level of sense if the Angels had an exciting opportunity to trade David for another position of need but that seems unlikely at this moment in time. If the Angels go the trade route, there are probably only a small handful of targets that make any reasonable sense such as Kolten Wong, Ozzie Albies, Jed Lowrie, or much more remotely, Javier Baez, all of whom may cost more than the Angels are willing to part with in terms of players and prospects. On the free agent side, aging offensive stalwarts such as Brian Dozier, Jason Kipnis, Jonathan Schoop, and Jedd Gyorko, who recently had his option bought out, could be had at probably very reasonable prices but have offensive and defensive warts to one degree or another. This time the choice for Eppler seems pretty clear. Likely Outcome: Angels start David Fletcher at 2B to start the 2020 season and probably for the foreseeable future. Author's Choice: This decision might be the easiest one for Eppler to make this off-season. Expecting 2.5-3 WAR (or possibly more) out of your keystone position is nice and Fletcher has a high probability of delivering that, hitting lead-off or toward the back-of-the-order on a regular basis. If the Angels did run into a scenario where another team offered up a strong starting pitcher or position player in exchange for Fletcher, the Angels could run Cozart or Rengifo out at 2B and move David in trade but that would have to improve the team more than Fletcher leaving would hurt them. Conclusion: Billy has to manage payroll, player, and prospect resources carefully and this is one position where he has a pretty clear-cut choice to fill at the League minimum, thus David Fletcher, barring a trade, is our likely starting second baseman for 2020 with Luis Rengifo, Jahmai Jones, or, more remotely, Zack Cozart, as the backup choices.
  3. I am a 29 year member of Toastmasters International and the rules for Toastmasters Awards Presentations is: "All Awards Presentations (Speech Contest Awards, Achievement Level and Education Awards, etc) are FINAL. That means once the award presentation is placed in the recipient's hand, it can't be taken back. This is the way it needs to be with the Houston Astros World Series Rings and Championship. However, the franchise will have to live with what they did to obtain the W.S. Championship the rest of their lives, and it's never the same as having achieved a World Series Ring honestly. One Hundred years ago, when the Chicago Black Sox threw the World Series and broke the hearts of a lot of White Sox Fans, the players were banned from playing Major League Baseball for life, including Shoeless Joe Jackson who played his best, but took the mob's money, and Buck Weaver who played his best but knew what was going on and didn't tell anybody. The players on the Houston Astros who were involved in the cheating and sign stealing, or knew about it and didn't tell anybody should also be banned from playing Professional Baseball for life. As Shoeless Joe Jacks was locked out of the Hall of Fame forever, so should any players on the 2017 Houston Astros.
  4. From the album: Spring Training 2013

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