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  1. Moustakas is a barely above league average hitter. Thinking he’s the solution is an even worse idea.
  2. That moment when a professional sportswriter in NY comes up with a trade proposal as ill conceived as the average fan blog.
  3. Both of whom are better players at this juncture.
  4. Buster Olney also makes an interesting observation from the email in question. Hard to believe Luhnow wouldn’t have been involved.
  5. Originally thought the same. Starting to wonder when I read how pissed off the GM’s are and as we’re hearing how extensive their cheating hasn’t been. I still don’t think it’s likely, but there’s a reasonable doubt in my mind now. At this point, very little would surprise me.
  6. Okay, I see where our disconnect is. That’s not how I’d word it. If I say a given pitcher ‘is’ better, I’m thinking about right now, not career numbers.
  7. ST or bust. Sadly, it looks like it’ll be longer. Getting psyched, though.
  8. Again, that isn’t what I asked. I responded to one question, and you changed it to a different one. Having said that, while Sale wins on longevity. Per FG, the best two seasons of each are virtual ties in WAR. BRef gives Sale an edge in both also, as does ERA+. Sale has been good longer. But his two best have only been a little better than Cole’s two best fwiw. With Cole being a year younger, it’s far from clear that even if healthy whether Sale would be better, which is why I asked the question. I never asked who had been better over their career, because that is no more relevant than Blanton being a decent pitcher at one point in his career was relevant to how he would do on the Angels. You said they could get someone better than Cole, I questioned whether that was true. Who was better 3 or more years ago has no bearing on that.
  9. Cole will cost more than a hundred million more than Wheeler. Highest projections I’ve seen for Wheeler are around 100 million. About the lowest for Cole are around 225.
  10. The first quotes you. I didn’t ask who’d been better to date. I questioned whether Sale is better now. Even if Sale is healthy, that’s highly debatable.
  11. Suarez was one of the youngest starters in the majors last year and wasn’t even supposed to be in the majors in 2019 at all.