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  1. Anyone who messes with children in that manner is not fit for society. I hope the catch his perverted ass and throw him in jail for life.
  2. And the bruins take a 2-1 lead on a wild pitch!
  3. I went 3/10...great quiz. I learned a couple new things like the ball hitting the runner after it passes the infield is okay, no infield fly rule on a bunt, and runners get to advance a base if the player catches a ball in the stands.
  4. Is deficit the amount over budget we are and debt the total overall debt?
  5. DR, u da man, can't wait to read part 2. The peppermill is awesome, I get breakfast there sometimes when in Vegas.
  6. Rask has been absolutely amazing! The team with the hottest goalie usually wins the cup and this year Rask has been the hottest goalie in the playoffs by a pretty solid margin in my eyes.
  7. Exactly...the year before the WS the giants were having trouble filling the ball park...sellouts every game since the WS win in 2010.
  8. Dang, nice get on those seats! How long have you been a sth for?
  9. Shot a 51 on the front 9 at dove on friday, pretty solid round for me at that course.
  10. 238-240 in RF is by far where I sit most when I go. I like to do 1 or 2 games a year in some nice seats above the Angels dugout in 111 or 112.
  11. A large factor in the poor support is the arena is in Glendale and not Phoenix. Why they decided to put the arena in Glendale I have no idea. Very inconvient spot for people to get to in Arizona.
  12. I had a wedding rehearsal and dinner to go to last night. Boy was I happy to see that when we arrived at the restaurant the game was still going and on in the bar. Can't wait to be able to sit down and watch all of game 3. I'm hoping for 7 overtime games this series, that would be epic!
  13. Defintiely weak sauce on the Angels part there. If its a low priority game they wont end up coming close to selling out the left field pavillion.
  14. I can't believe how expensive engagement rings are. What a kick to the balls that was.
  15. What an amazing game to watch last night. Was so happy to have that entertain me for 5 hours since the Angels had the morning game. I hope the rest of the series can be as good.
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