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  1. FREDDIE FREDDIE FREDDIE!!!! Let's take 3 out of the next 4 so we can get another lovely game 7 at home in the playoffs!
  2. The Wild Stars game last night was phenomenal tank! Can't wait for tonight's games! Will the Hawks and/or Wings tie the series? Will the Ducks make it a series? Who will take a big 2-1 series lead in NY? What a Tuesday night of playoff hockey on tap!
  3. Wow, he has been lights out for the Caps, that could be a big loss.
  4. That was a playoff hockey game last night!
  5. Not true, I've complimented many excellent articles!
  6. This entire thread is one big rebuttal yet you just ignore any rebuttal that comes your way. Keep doing so though, I find it quite entertaining.
  7. No you just have no understanding of how things really work and no capability to learn how they work. I laugh because someone actually thinks the way you think.
  8. I think he knows the difference between revenue and profit.
  9. Just out of curiosity why did you get rid of the fruit trees?
  10. I think we go with Freddie in net. The only way Theo gets scratched is if Manson can play which I highly doubt he can.
  11. I'm pretty excited to watch all 3 of the games tonight...usually the most desperate team wins in hockey, with all 3 games at a series of 2-0 I wonder how many will be 2-1 come tomorrow?
  12. So was going from last place in the whole NHL at the end of December to winning the Pacific. Also to compare the Ducks to the Clippers is unbelievably clownish.
  13. Don't know how the Cubs are the favorite when it's an even year. The Giants are clearly winning the World Series.
  14. The entire AL is pretty damn mediocre.
  15. If his money did go to hookers and blow can we really say he's bad with money?
  16. "More government in the U.S. would not get you a big version of Sweden. It would get you a big version of the U.S. Postal Service." Excellent quote from the excellent article.
  17. The Ducks didn't claw their way back from last place in December just to have their season ended by the ****in Predators. It's Freddie's turn to take the net and lead us to victory.
  18. Haha, that was an entertaining 10 minutes. Thanks AJ and AFL!
  19. Ducks played about as bad as they could've. Despres and Gibby were the 2 worst players on the ice for the Ducks. The Ducks will play better from here on out. Ducks in 5.
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