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  1. Sometimes the scoreboard does not reflect how the team is playing.
  2. I agree with Underthehalo's view of the game. I couldn't do anything but laugh on my drive home. Ducks showed up and still can't win a game 7. Oh well, at least the Halos swept the Royals. It's now officially MLB season for me.
  3. Let the drinking commence! LET'S GO DUCKS!!! Win this ****ing home game 7 for once!
  4. Blues finally beat Hawks, Sharks finally beat Kings...Ducks need to finally win a game 7 at home.
  5. The VR porn didn't sell you?
  6. Still a lot of tickets on stubhub...I wonder how low it will get tomorrow? Cory how cheap would it have to get for you to go?
  7. I can't stop thinking about game 7...it needs to be tomorrow evening already! I really hope I'm spending Friday night and Sunday evening at the Honda Center!
  8. Looks like I will be torturing myself again at the Honda Center Wednesday.
  9. We need more old version of the red woman tits!
  10. Hockey season is now over for Trout (Flyers eliminated). Now it's officially baseball season for him and he will turn it on.
  11. You get a per diem? Club seats are all you can eat/drink, not sure if u can use that for your dinner or not. Prices slowly coming down...not sure how low they will get but still 2200 tix on stubhub seems like a lot at this point.
  12. "You're like a gazillionaire. Why don't you just get a whole suite for the 3 of you?" AJ- 4/24/16 Whoops wrong thread. The game was awesome yesterday! Hopefully the Ducks can close this one out in Nashville! I want the next game I am at to be game 1 against the Sharks!
  13. Gotta take 2 more from the Preds before thinking about the Sharks. Today is big. LET'S GO DUCKS!!!!!!!
  14. I do want you to eat crow...but we need 2 more wins before you have to eat it.
  15. Quack Quack Quack, the Ponda should be rockin tomorrow afternoon! LETS GO DUCKS!!!!!!
  16. The hope for a freeway playoff series next round isn't dead yet!
  17. That was the effort from the Ducks I expected to see to start the series. Bieska was great, Lindholm is by far our best dman, we need to lock him up long term. FREDDIE FREDDIE FREDDIE! Can't wait for tomorrow night!
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