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  1. Haha, that video was hilarious...college is making people dumber these days.
  2. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/wa-man-women-bathroom-test-transgender-ruling-article-1.2535150
  3. The only reason to trade Trout before 2018 is if the team trading for him also takes on the full Pujols contract. The haul will be just as big in 2018 as it will be now.
  4. Is it possible for all of the teams left to not win the cup? I can't believe I'm saying this but go Blues, go Pens.
  5. They should televise that Friday instead of the Angels game...would be a lot more entertaining.
  6. On the plus side, in 2021 we will be paying Pujols 30M.
  7. Fuck, I really wanted game 7 between the Caps and Pens.
  8. What happens if the Ducks have a 3-2 series lead going into game 6 in Minny next year?
  9. What is the WAR of unloading the Pujols contract? I'm actually curious as to what value that brings the Angels because it would be a big factor in the Trout trade. Assuming Arte never wants to break the luxury tax threshold, that contract is much more devastating to the Angels than it would be to the Dodgers who seem to not really care about spending if it would net them a player like trout. The Angels essentially have 2 options at this point if they do not want to surpass the luxury tax threshold: 1. Trade every player of value that will no longer be cheap and/or on the team in 2019.
  10. NBA is a star league, MLB is a team league. Sure there will be some people that come out to see Mike Trout play, but the majority of the fan base wants to go and see the Angels win. If the Angels win (and aren't ridiculous with their ticketing prices/policies) the stadium will be full. The majority of people don't want to go to a game in August when the Angels are 15GB even with Mike Trout on the team. If the Angels were 1 game up on the division in August without Mike Trout, many people would be wanting to go to the Angel game. That being said, I would absolutely trade Trout for the righ
  11. The turning point in Pujols' career was clearly the handshake from Scott.
  12. What a game between the Preds and Sharks...where was shitty Rinne during the Ducks series?
  13. Wow Stars hold on to win. Blues out shot them 37 to 14 in the game.
  14. Yeah, I have no problem with that take down.
  15. OMG sick pass to set up the Blues goal...1 goal game with 10 min left.
  16. Preds Sharks game is very entertaining so far. Blues have been dominating the play but are down 3-1 right now, hopefully they get one to make it an exciting finish.
  17. Tyrion interacting with the Dragons was phenomenal!
  18. Well that made up for the shitty first episode. Ramsey is a BAMF.
  19. It's done, there have been a few concerts there already. The black aces would be an awesome name. Could also be the spades.
  20. This Caps Pens series is going to be phenomenal. Game 1 was not a let down.
  21. I absolutely was thinking this when both teams started off in an 0-2 hole. I didn't like the Sharks match up for the Kings because the Sharks had to ****ing want that series win so badly with the history between the 2 teams. It seems like the Ducks didn't take the Predators as a serious opponent to begin with and by time they did it was too late. With how San Jose finished the season I don't think the Ducks would've taken them lightly. Who knows how it would've turned out but it couldn't be worse than both so cal teams being out.
  22. I think Fowler should definitely be the Dman traded. Gotta lock up Sami and Lindholm long term.
  23. You certainly did. I don't know who else we could possibly get that would be better than Getz/Perry so we are stuck with them whether you like it or not. Love Kesler, he is the reason I still think the team has a shot. I don't think this is on Bruce at all, this is squarely on the shoulders of the players, mainly Getz, Perry, Fowler.
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