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  1. It'd be really nice to see the Bruins get a halfway decent OL. This is unacceptable. On the plus side basketball starts next week!
  2. Nate will you live stream your reaction to Trump winning on 11/8?
  3. I'm happy I had other plans last night...4-0 shesh!
  4. I hope the Indians win the next 2 in Wrigley, shutting out the Cubs in both games. That way it will still have been 70+ years since the Cubs have scored a World Series run at Wrigley. Fuck the Cubs, their fans, and the Blackhawks.
  5. I'm really enjoying watching my team get out shot 11-0 to start the game.
  6. The Islanders are struggling to draw fans in Brooklyn, I don't think they will be there long. Almost every game (exception rangers) is below $10 on stubhub day of game.
  7. Oh no we suck again!
  8. The Dodgers are idiots for giving Kersh the ball on short rest today. Urias at home + Kersh full rest on road for game 5 > Kersh short rest on for game 4 + Hill short rest or Urias game 5 on road.
  9. I am voting for Trump...and I believe he is going to win.
  10. So you're telling me there are no donkey shows in Spain?
  11. None of that is convincing at all as to why someone is an idiot for voting for him.
  12. Why is the desire to vote for Trump as president idiotic?
  13. I was looking for the majority of people are idiots. Please explain why some who votes for Trump is automatically an idiot?
  14. What makes you think the majority of Trump voters are idiots? There is one good answer to this question.
  15. LOL how is this thread 8pgs? Who gives a fuck what the future first lady said? Quite frankly who gives a fuck what any of these ass clowns say, none of it is truthful. I remember being promised that if I liked my healthcare I could keep my healthcare. I hope Trump wins so we get to see Melania for the next 4 years instead of Bill.
  16. Backes between Rakell and Perry would've been fucking beastly. I don't know what the Ducks are doing not going for it in Getzy/Perry's prime.
  17. Lightning have to be my cup pick right now...that team is fucking stacked and is going to be good for a long time. Stevie Y, unreal job man.
  18. LOS ANGELES -- Milan Lucic was traded from the Boston Bruins to the Los Angeles Kings on Friday for goalie Martin Jones, defense prospect Colin Miller and the No. 13 pick in the 2015 NHL Draft. That's a brutal price to pay for a wasted year of Lucic.
  19. Bruins got a steal in Backes. 5/30, unreal for that type of player.
  20. Just listened to Farage's speech...that was awesome!
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