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  1. Hi Doc, Sorry that I didn't see this reply sooner. Please email me at kellyred27 at gmail dot com if you are interested in these tickets. We still have 20 or so tickets that we are willing to sell for the 2015 season. The price per game (4 seats and 1 parking pass) is $498 now. The tickets are just to left of directly behind home plate, in row N, and one of the seats is on the aisle. Again- please email me at kellyred27 at gmail dot com if you are interested. If you reply on this forum I may not see it right away. Thank you, Kelly
  2. Hi Comber16- Sorry I didn't see this post last year. We found enough partners and I stopped checking these forums. I don't want to just text you out of nowhere a year later, so if you are still interested please email me at KellyRed27 at gmail.com. We are interested in letting go of up to 20 sets of tickets for the upcoming 2014 regular season. Thank you, Kelly
  3. I know it’s expensive, but it comes with a lot of perks. The seats, for one, are just incredibly close and right behind home plate. The parking is about as close as you can get. And the Diamond Club restaurant is fantastic- they always have a delicious buffet available, as well as a nice menu and selection of wines. There are waitresses who will bring you snacks and drinks to your seat during the game so you don’t have to miss anything. Our family business has had these seats forever for taking clients out to games. I am hoping to run into another small business owner who needs to entertain c
  4. Hi! We have 4 seats together in the Diamond Club section 117, behind home plate, and we are looking for partners for the 2013 season. We are offering to sell them below the price printed on the ticket, covering only our own cost. A quarter of the tickets (4 seats to 21 games) is about $10,000, which includes priority parking. We would most like to find someone who would take a quarter or a half of the tickets, but we would consider selling off 5-10 game sets. Please let me know if you are interested. Thank you, Kelly (You can email me at kellyred27 at gmail)
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