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  1. So Italy is ignoring Trump and letting it's elderly die to pwn Trump, too?
  2. Oh for fuck sake Red, you got us moved.
  3. It's a fight, its a fight, its a white guy and a whiter guy!
  4. Well they got mansions, think we should rob them!
  6. What in that scenario is turning you on to such an extent that you need to masturbate?
  7. Just got 2 14oz USDA Prime Rib Eyes for 2 4 oz bottles of hand sanitizer.
  8. If he had been on Power 106 he would have known him.
  9. Oh gawd, here comes the name dropping...
  10. Yes, Ray Romano was around quite a bit. I only met him once. It was during the playoffs that year when Aaron Boone hit that home run. Anyways, I was at my brothers' house and in his bedroom watching the game with a buddy since my sister in law didn't want the big TV on during their Oktoberfest party. Ray Romano walks in and goes "hey you fellas mind if I watch the game?" And were like "no, cmon on in". So we watched that game sitting on my brothers bed, me, my friend and Ray Romano. We acted like we didn't know who he was. But we did. Anyways, my nephew and brother used to hang out with Ray Romano quite a bit, apparently. Though this guy that used to work with me knew the story and got paired with Ray at a celebrity golf tournament or some shit. So he says, "oh so I hear you know [calscuf's brother] and Ray says, "who?" So yeah.
  11. I never said my story was going to be exciting. Let's hear about the time anyone else here had holiday dinners with celebrities? Oh yea, they didn't so fuck you.
  12. Oh, in that case I’ll talk. We used to have thanksgiving at their house. They lived in Reseda or Tarzana or one of those valley cities filled with Jewish people. We would eat turkey. Some years random pretentious LA types would also be there. Kevin did not talk much. His wife would not stop talking.
  13. Nobody wants to ask me about Thanksgiving at Kevin’s house? Fine.
  14. My brother's wife used to be best friends with Kevin's wife and we used to have holiday dinners at their house. They had a falling out and we haven't been back in a few years.
  15. Yes, but then look at Italy which has scary death rate numbers. And probably Iran, too but they aren’t being forthcoming. From what I can gather we still don’t know much about the virus and were using preliminary info out of China as our guide. Plus, the virus is mutating as it works it way though society. Now apparently these things become less dangerous as they learn their new host (they don’t want us to die), but sometimes they fuck up and become worse (second wave of 1918 flu). We really don’t know shit yet.
  16. We’re in a worldwide crisis that all of us are facing personally. I didn’t care about him before and certainly don’t now.
  17. My guess is we do the best we can and get the sick healthy and stop further infections. And then we have a near total ban on international travel and the army is stationed at the southern border; both to keep out potential virus carriers and general Mexicans so Trump can hit a home run with his base.
  18. I haven’t followed basketball for years, but yeah, I’d hate for Kobe to get it.