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  1. You assholes are now deleting Red's posts? F'ing losers.
  2. I had to look it up to see what the hell you were talking about. funny.
  3. Is it ironic then that he saved big money selling stocks?
  4. Actually this is Blarg before:
  5. All I do now is eat and then come 6 pm I drink. I had been getting healthy and cut way back on beer before but now I’m like “fuck it”
  6. Ha, remember when this was a Democrat hoax? Hey @Make Angels Great Again you remember that?
  7. Aussie rules football is still going on. There will be a game early enough for us to watch tomorrow. We should do a GDT
  8. what blarg is trying to say is "some of cals finer work"
  9. I'm sure he will. And that is why he and I are soulmates and you're jealous.
  10. Now, understand these would be funnier in context. Please see Blarg's Covid-19 Cancellation thread and Red's Chino Valley chorale group post. Yo're welcome.
  11. I'll get the ball rolling:
  12. If anyone has memes that are Covid-19 this is the place for them. Ready. Set. Go!
  13. Oh, there you go. Fine, I'll make my own COVID-19 CHOLO MEMES thread.
  14. I can't figure out why one of my cholo memes gets "hidden (deleted) and the other doesn't. Not that I care, but it's fascinating to me.