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  1. It would seriously be funny to see a pile of dead looter bodies piled up in cities around America tomorrow morning.
  2. It really is like the voice in my head made it’s own AW account and posts when I’m not paying attention.
  3. Are you wondering if I want hippies and rioting black people to get the coronavirus? I think we all know the answer to that question.
  4. Thank you to Dashawn and Daquan for clearing that up.
  5. Cmon guys. Read the whole page. It’s clearly satire.
  6. Every one of those fat women in those photos is a Karen waiting to happen.
  7. Autopsy said Floyd died of a heart condition and intoxication. Maybe he could have handled a knee in his neck if he wasn’t a crackhead with a bad ticker.
  8. I'd personally like to thank my new hero, Donald Trump, for setting me free. I believe Chuck realized he had to remove me from internet jail as a result of this Executive Order. And if you thought shit I said was bad before? Donald Trump just removed any filter I had left. Get ready. Veritas vos liberabit!
  9. Well those old creases shouldn't even have the right to vote.
  10. Maybe those bot programmers can make us a sweet LT.
  11. Holy shit if you think a sarcastic and annoyed stripper is “destroying the left” then you are so far gone from reality discussing anything intellectual with you is pointless. That said, she was just as sassy when I nutted during a private in the champagne room two years back when I was passing through Tulsa. Good to see she hasn’t let fame change her.
  12. That’s why they have boner problems. Fact.
  13. He’s shown that all the shit politicians were afraid of is all bullshit. From now on there will be Trump clones all over politics.