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  1. Didn’t some antifas beat the shit out of that little pipsqueak?
  2. You assholes didn’t set up a protest for me when I got banned for calling that chick a stripper. Dicks!
  3. Oh shit, even Taylor is gone? Redondo, you seem to know news sources, is this legit?
  4. Taylor, how about a legitimacy test?
  5. Spot on with the nerd level, you’re off a bit on the heft level.
  6. Black people looting an REI? That’s like tdawg looting a vegan tampon store.
  7. I don’t want to live in a world where I’m in fear of shit I rightfully stole being stolen by someone else, wrongfully.
  8. By November this place will just be Chuck, Larry, Redondo and BUTT and I hope none of them are suicidal.
  9. Why do minorities start bouncing around just before they commit battery? I’ve always wondered that.
  10. Be honest, did your inner voice use the N-Word at all today? Boom.
  11. Well you know there will be plenty of people getting sick and some dying because of this.
  12. I promised Chuck I wouldn’t be racist. Obviously I was lying to him. Therefore, how can you watch this shit on TV and not feel racism?
  13. And obviously millennial whites are the worst humans ever.
  14. I think black people don’t realize that cops treat everyone like shit. And minority cops treat people of their same race like human garbage, generally.
  15. It would seriously be funny to see a pile of dead looter bodies piled up in cities around America tomorrow morning.
  16. It really is like the voice in my head made it’s own AW account and posts when I’m not paying attention.
  17. Are you wondering if I want hippies and rioting black people to get the coronavirus? I think we all know the answer to that question.