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  1. I do. I love tv shows about crotchety old black dudes that work on cars.
  2. And look, the driver was Asian, he probably didn't try, or even know, he ran those dudes over.
  3. Wtf? Right after he took a foul ball to the face? After going 3-4 before that? Totally, what a dumbass.
  4. I'm gonna miss the woman on the View Level with the crazy tongue that looks like it's fighting to get out of her mouth.
  5. I'm not understanding what the big fuss is all about here.
  6. Latinos are generally big p*ssies who mouth off and need ten friends to fight.
  7. Why don't we give it a chance? I'm gonna see it.
  8. The dogs of peace.
  9. Chill ladies. They can do whatever they want in Yankee stadium. My problem is when you get your panties in a wad when other complain about his victory tour. Sorry about the confusion.
  10. I think Tarantino is legally obligated to make a movie about this now.
  11. The way some of you are on Rivera's jock is ridiculous.
  12. At least it was the dodgers and not dodger fans. Swimming in Phoenix with all your clothes on could be dangerous.
  13. It's weird no one else thought ads about moustachioed aliens was worth commenting about.
  14. If the writer didn't use so many exclamation points I wouldn't know she was a woman and maybe I could respect the point.
  15. I got used to the orange Walmart which is pretty 3rd world. Then I went to a couple in Illinois and Iowa and was like "whoa, this is nice!" Recently went to the Irvine one. It's almost up to Midwest standards.
  16. The teenage girls I meet on the Internet make me feel old.