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  1. Ha ha, I’m glad my alcoholism is so hilarious to you assholes.
  2. Didn’t Tim Blecher destroy him after the kick?
  3. It is fascinating watching our democracy and society disintegrate in real time. As TORS pointed out it was only 2 months ago that we were making fun of FS for being worried.
  4. We’re another week of empty milk shelves before America goes all Purge.
  5. Blarg looks like Trump or Hannity in the first few pages.
  6. @red321 couldn’t behave himself so it got moved to the politics board.
  7. How old is doctor drew? Cause I used to listen to him when I was like 10 with Poorman on Sunday nights.
  8. @red321, looks like @Brandon is on top of shit here. I’ll be honest Red, there are rampant rumors that you just want everyone to stay inside through summer because you have to because of sunburns. And you’re taking us all down with you. Can you comment?
  9. I have to mention that @Chuckster70 is a pretty awesome dude for letting us say pussy. Pussy.
  10. Good news guys. Apparently they’ve figured out that this thing kills men at twice the rate of women. So, all you gotta do is beat it and the pussy will be knocking your door down.
  11. I’ll ask my buddy that owns the liquor store near my house to set one aside for you. He gets 2/month. Are you in OC?
  12. You sir, are no redneck. You are a Patriot and a Gentleman.
  13. You on act like you can’t be a white cholo. What about the deuce bigalow cop in American Me or the beat it McFly ginger in Colors? Maybe you’re being racist, Chuck.
  14. Ok, I see where you’re going with this chuck. I’ll make different threads for everyone else (black, white. Asian, Canadian). I can see how it could be seen as racist to only have a cholo one. Good call.
  15. Apparently they think 7-up is a miracle cure, as well. That's why it's sold out while Diet Dr. Pepper is fully stocked. I also heard there is a rumor going around Santa Ana that Mexicans are immune to the Coronavirus, for some reason.