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  1. Just let the young people do their horny shit for 6 months and keep them the hell away from old people. We just got herd immunity. I hadn’t thought of that, but it’s a damn good point.
  2. My dad used to use the converse argument, “if this Jap car has airbags, why do I need to wear some faggy seatbelt?”
  3. Nobody knows for sure. But you can vote!
  4. Yeah but there were less black people on Capitol Hill in those years. What’s your point? That black people kill? You racist asshole.
  5. Stop saying “he”, it confuses the shit out of us. Just use a plural “you”.
  6. What if we already have a small dick? (Asking for @Blarg)
  7. For the record, KC thinks I’m the chick, but we know he’s the chick. But I don’t want to get into a tiff about it.
  8. I mean at least the dude’s racism is scientific?
  9. Then the closure of bars won’t affect you. You win!
  10. I was following Redondo pretty well until the black republican novel.
  11. Were you spending a lot of time in bars, FS?
  12. What I find funny is that these dumbfucks point their camera phones at anyone they disagree with as a type of weapon. That lezbo c*nt in Oregon did that to me and, thankfully, I didn’t end up on YouTube or a meme. But I really felt like asking then if they understood that using video to control behavior of those they disagreed with was a staple of fascism. I think it would have gone over their heads.
  13. If Gee Off dies of boredom, do we get to count him as a Covid death, too?