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  1. Here's an artist's rendition of one of them:
  2. Someday I’ll share the photos I took after this one.
  3. Tank, you have thin lips, a prominent brow and large forehead, don’t you?
  4. I'm talking biological features. Thin lips, prominent brow, large forehead. It's difficult to pinpoint, but it's like obscenity, you "know it when you see it". To me, she has the stereotypical WT look.
  5. @Make Angels Great Again That photo shows her in a much more flattering light than in person (on video) She has very stereotypical WT features. Not saying she isn't doable, I'm just saying if I'm Asian, I make sure I drive well, if I'm Hispanic, I take my jeans off at the beach, and if I look really, really WT, I don't become the poster slut for gun issues.
  6. Holy shit that bitch has textbook white trash facial features.
  7. Was it? Or was it just a well placed movie quote?
  8. I don't know what he's specifically referring to, but c'mon... Is he wrong?
  9. I don't think you experienced the sixties. I think you had two fifties and moved right into the seventies.
  10. Perhaps. It’s better than being an old nerd who has no idea how to handle the only “power” he has had in his sad life. Wouldn’t you agree?
  11. You forgot “hypodermics on the shore, China’s under martial law, rock and rollers, cola wars, I can’t take it anymore”
  12. I was reading a thread on the main board and someone mentioned that INO only hires white people. Kinda seems like it!
  13. Hey WEBA, what do you think about the rumors that they’re going to combine Presidents Day with MLK Day?
  14. Maybe both of them can delete the Ohtani driving thread!!
  15. Everyone say goodbye to cramp.
  16. For the record, I’d still pull the trigger if the Dodgers would.
  17. Fletch’s response, for some reason, almost (but not quite) deserved a “face” at the end.