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  1. Chuck, do you think it’s time to have a entire section for the virus? Then the political thread, meme/joke, trading, cancellation and baseball related virus threads will have a home?
  2. Bragging about being debt free when you’ve had enough time to pay off two standard mortgages already is a little tacky.
  3. I’d rather get this shit now than in a month when the doctors have to decide I’m not worth saving because they’ve read what I’ve posted on here. If a Covidy offered to cough in my face now? I’d consider it.
  4. They should start making memes with the average AW member hidden in place of someone or something else.
  5. Was just watching news from today on YouTube and some interview with Dipshit on the White House lawn. He “But Flulary!”-ed. Other than Chuck yesterday I hadn’t seen or heard a But Flulary! for at least 10-14 days. So is it safe for me to assume Fox News is starting to But Flulary again?
  6. We should do one where we get to vote on which AW member we would prefer to get infected.
  7. I tend to doubt this. That little queen obviously will do anything for attention.
  8. This one was a hit with my friends and family.
  9. I know Asians hate other Asians and GB seems like an Asian who hates Chinese.
  10. If the rest of us get vaccinated, who cares? Let the anti-vaxxers die.
  11. Does he fake bake or does he spray tan? I’ve never understood why he looks like that.
  12. At least Blarg didn’t figure out what’s in the coffee froth yet.
  13. Dude, don’t delete it. That ones awesome.
  14. Sorry Blarg. Have a virtual Cappuccino on me.
  15. You fuckers are gonna give Red a hard attack with your racist shit.
  16. Don't tell me what I can and can't do.