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  1. I’m back on an airplane again and I’ve been on a hot sauce kick lately. Anyways, had some late night nuggets with some sauce at about 200K scoville last night and I had to take a messy, ass burning dump in the Covid filled lavatory and it got me thinking of @Lhalo. Larry, if you want the Rona so bad, eat some really spicy chicken nuggets and then fly. And yes, this was just an excuse to tell you guys about my uncomfortable plane poop.
  2. Yeah, but he’s probably referring to Q-Anon as the truth. He’s a dipshit.
  3. Back to the chubby guy in the pink shirt in St. Louis. I really hope this is the Aziz Ansari moment of this movement. And it’s really disturbing to me. I’m fairly liberal on most issues. I hate Trump. But the (Non-Fox news) media’s coverage of pink shirt is insane. And the problem is that other moderate, or even solidly democratic voters who aren’t fucking retarded see protesters break into a private neighborhood, are confronted in a legal manner by pink shirt and then see Pink Shirt attacked on CNN and MSNBC as a racist. The STL DA threatening charges. Anyone that isn’t hoping to pander to the mob understands it’s totally justified and about fucking time. (And Pink Shirt is a lawyer who fucking helps poor people, including blacks.) When you have to go to Fox News for accurate reporting? Something is really, really wrong. And the media is really showing it’s true colors. And the end result is 4 more years of Trump.
  4. But still above “flayed” or “decapitated.”
  5. On the list of things I want to happen to me “gored” is probably pretty low on the list.
  6. Also, Asians know everyone knows they have little dicks and so they are like “ok, fruck it, I wear mask and rive.” Dudes from Huntington with Pit Bulls think we don’t know they have little peckers and they think we will think they are more well endowed if they don’t wear a mask. At least that’s a little theory that’s been bouncing around my noggin.
  7. The lesbians in front of me have figured out a glitch in the matrix and are exploiting it. If you bring some nuts or something to snack on for an extended period of time, you have a legit reason to have your mask off or down. I may not catch the Rona from these bitches but I can feel the urge to buy a Suburu growing by the minute.
  8. I’m on an airplane and masked. I’m drinking a Diet Coke and it keeps making me burp. The burp air is shooting out of the top of the mask and into my eyes and it burns like heck. Just thought I’d share.
  9. Honestly I would have thought you’d be super excited about all this. Bad news is your viagra.
  10. No he wasn’t. He just liked colorful language. And hated minorities.
  11. Yeah, or residual dead virus. I don’t recall them ever saying the person who tested positive again was actually sick.
  12. You were too lazy to even get up for that picture.
  13. Just let the young people do their horny shit for 6 months and keep them the hell away from old people. We just got herd immunity. I hadn’t thought of that, but it’s a damn good point.
  14. My dad used to use the converse argument, “if this Jap car has airbags, why do I need to wear some faggy seatbelt?”
  15. Nobody knows for sure. But you can vote!
  16. Yeah but there were less black people on Capitol Hill in those years. What’s your point? That black people kill? You racist asshole.
  17. Stop saying “he”, it confuses the shit out of us. Just use a plural “you”.
  18. What if we already have a small dick? (Asking for @Blarg)