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  1. I live in an area with too many Mexicans, too. Private school is tough on the wallet, but it’s better than really tan grandchildren and having to open presents on Christmas Eve in my twilight years.
  2. Chuck, please, we can’t get the jerk off motion emoji soon enough. Thanks!
  3. Ponder this. This is not wholly deductive proof. P1: Chicks did the long ball P2: Chicks are emotionally irrational P3: Arte is emotionally irrational P4: Arte was an assbirth
  4. I don’t want to live in a world where pulling your dick out is a crime.
  5. I’d like some recognition for the part I played here.
  6. DM’s? I think everyone will wanna be included.
  7. Maybe Rengifo and a non-40 man, mid-level prospect for Stripling and one of their excess OF, like Pederson, make them throw in a prospect, too (that Pages tore it up in low-A last year, how about him?)
  8. I’ll take that challenge.
  9. I think it’s time everyone just accepts the fact that Moreno cut off his nose to spite his face. (I’ve been wanting to use that for a while)
  10. This is maybe the most awesome thing I’ve ever read.
  11. GB, you’d be proud. I’ll be doing the Copland Valley Track on the South Island of New Zealand next month. 36km round trip over 2 days.
  12. When the first kid is eaten, it’s on them. (And the cholo owner, too, but you know what I mean).
  13. I wonder how many young men these days would make that trade off? The idea of clean laundry, a good meal and a clean house (that they didn’t do themselves) must sound so foreign.
  14. Are you guys still defending your cheating wives? She did it and you didn’t deserve it, no matter how lazy or fat or emotionally distant you are.
  15. You should change it to Senor Naughty.
  16. TORS (APU), here’s a little secret: I am not the real calscuf. And the man I took over for was not the real calscuf, his name was really Cummerbund. The real calscuf has been retired for 15 years and living like a king in Patagonia.