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  1. 12 minutes ago, gotbeer said:

    When this is all over.  It will be interesting to see who went to the hospital with some condition like a stroke or kidney dialysis, and dies of the Rona.  

    This is one of many issues I have with this countries response.  We are putting a virus who targets the very sick and old, in a place where people who are very sick go.  China is bad.  But at lest they treated Rona patients in their own seperate hospitals.  Who knows, maybe their rates are legitimately going down and this is one of the reasons.

    The disease puts incredible stress on the body.  It attacks the heart and not just to he lungs.  I doubt they’re counting people who OD’d on heroin that tested positive for Covid.

  2. 48 minutes ago, gotbeer said:

    People are dying from taking fish tank cleaner.

    From all the tests, there hasn't been one case of someone dying from taking hydroxychloroquine from a doctor in prescribed amounts.  


    That’s not what I have read.  Twice the recommended dose can be fatal.