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  1. 46 minutes ago, Tank said:

    this is directly from the BLM website

    "We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and “villages” that collectively care for one another, especially our children, to the degree that mothers, parents, and children are comfortable."

    It's good that they want to pull together as a community, but to cast aside the family is why I won't support them.

    Is it any mystery why they don’t support a family with a father?

  2. 41 minutes ago, tdawg87 said:

    I don't like BLM the "movement" but I support the message 100% and think anyone who doesn't is a racist fucknugget.

    We have a violent cop problem, not a racism problem.  There is no institutional racism in America. So if there are no laws to change what’s the game plan?  You can’t change people’s hearts and minds, if they want to be racist, they will be racist and burning shit and tearing down statues is counterproductive to that goal anyways.

    Its like a story I read today about the “growing rise of anti-Asian sentiment in America”.  It had like 3 anecdotal examples of people being racist to Asians. (And they were all blacks and Latinos, btw) and two of the examples were from the same person doing the anti-Asian shit.  Maybe there isn’t a “growing anti-Asian problem” in America, maybe there’s just a few dumbfucks.

    (I do want to add a caveat.  I believe Gerrymandering is basically institutional racism,  so if all these protesters were saying they want to end gerrymandering then I would support that.  Otherwise it’s all bullshit).

  3. 10 hours ago, tdawg87 said:

    cals: Staunch liberal unless women or blacks are involved. Or gays. Or Mexicans.

    Why don't you vote for Trump you MAGA?

    I use my brain.  I’m not going to blindly support stupidity because others in my section of the political spectrum are doing it.  BLM is nonsense.  Metoo was justified but went waaaaay too far. I support all gay rights.  And everyone hates Mexicans so don’t just point a finger at me.

  4. For the record, Ngo is there kinda hoping he’s gets beaten up again, and if I was there I’d be doing the same.  

    But here’s the thing:  it’s all white people.  

    Let me tell you about Portland: There are like 4 black people.  But, there has been an army of homeless by choice white fuckers for probably 20 years walking the streets of downtown.  I love Portland, but the homeless by choice white young people have gotten annoying over the years and I’ve had minor altercations myself.  So the shit you see that this Ngo reports on is just those same homeless white kids.  Maybe a black person or two is involved, but it’s not a movement.  It’s bored, homeless by choice, white assholes, and burning shit and picking fights is fun.  That’s it.

  5. I think that this has shown us that if you complain loud enough, you can eventually get your way, even if the solution you want is terrible, puts people at risk or seemed totally impossible for practical purposes prior. Which, ok, cool.

    Men, let’s think of things we want.  Let’s start a movement and let’s hope we can accomplish our goal.  

    if we all got together  and decided not to tolerate mouthy women, they would have to shut the fuck up.  No more Nordstrom’s without bi-weekly blowies.  I don’t care if the kids need dinner, just put a Disney movie on and give them a bag of chips.  And bi-weekly drinking nights with the boys? Well obviously.  She will be waiting for your drink ass to perform substandard sex when you get home, and still tell you that it was great.  Anal?   Monthly at least.  And ATM? If that’s what you want, it happens with a smile and thanks to you for allowing her to taste it.

    Who wants to join me?