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  1. Good idea. Does covering your face like this count?
  2. I should have added with all due respect. I drink a lot too.
  3. The disease puts incredible stress on the body. It attacks the heart and not just to he lungs. I doubt they’re counting people who OD’d on heroin that tested positive for Covid.
  4. It read about as clearly as most of your posts.
  5. You should write inspirational greeting cards for men.
  6. Those first couple of season, man was she a babe. KC agrees.
  7. Hell yeah brother. How bangable was she those early years of Who’s the Boss?!??
  8. Riverside County fining $1000 for not wearing a mask.
  10. Odd background they chose. It’s like a Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey.
  11. I totally was gonna give that country herpes.
  12. Ah hell is chuck turning this place into some menstruation palace where real men can’t use real men words now?
  13. Good for you. All I do now is drink and jerk off.
  14. Light speed has nothing to do with this, Einstein.
  15. You aren’t that stupid. You aren’t that clever either, but still.
  16. That’s not what I have read. Twice the recommended dose can be fatal.
  17. Sometimes I wonder if dumb people don’t comprehend that smart people are smarter.
  18. Did she ride on his handlebars or did he have pegs?
  19. At the urging of my wife I went in to urgent care today and had the test done. As some of you probably expected, the results came back positive for herpes. Obviously we’re shocked and a little scared. Now I have to tell everyone at the office they need to get tested. And 3 neighbors. Pray for us.
  20. Did you know he posts on AW now? His name is @Make Angels Great Again
  21. I’m disappointed you guys think I would go vegetable shopping for my wife.