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  1. So apparently large groups of Dodger fans are planning to come to Anaheim to boo and protest the Astros in the home opening series. That should turn out well.
  2. Being a white child who listens to rap is usually a red state thing.
  3. Either there are a lot of cake decorators on the spectrum or most of those are faked.
  4. On a related note, I had The Baseball Diarrhea Song in my head all day.
  5. My neighbors daughter is a female midget and is on one of those little people reality shows. I saw her today. She’s married to a big person.
  6. While I will not deny the consumption of alcohol played a role in the lack of readability of my post, apparently I often speak in fractured sentences and with thoughts that either end abruptly without getting to any point or for far too long, obscuring what the original point was. It drives my wife.
  7. This is not wholly deductive proof.
  8. I’ve been to a few AW functions and I’m willing to bet like 90% of the guys here were the “Rush guy” in high school.
  9. Maybe I can make this clear enough so the really, really white guys can understand. You know how Neil Peart has hit the last high hat, will never bang a crash again? Well he’s your age or close, right? That’s death. It means your body will cease to function and really, we stop giving a shit about what you thought. If you were awesome like Neil, than you will have a legacy. If you were just some nobody like you probably were (oops, “are”, lol at me already using the past tense for you) not only will you cease to exist, nobody (maybe a person or two at best), will even think about you anymore. So maybe you could have the kids not talk about how much of a worthless douchbag you were and that you gave a tiny crap about the world you left behind before the end your useless life? C’mon. Leave a legacy. Or not, and just die.
  10. No shit, Taylor’s our new “in” guy.
  11. And most of you old guys are going to be dead when potential serious effects manifest. Why are you so bothered by young people wanting to make sure it isn’t fucked up when it’s their planet?
  12. Yes, you get it. Sometimes linear lines aren’t straight.
  13. Oh crap, I’m sorry, I thought I mentioned it. I don’t believe in the dictionary. Language is fluid and trying to put arbitrary definitions for words and to say “that is right” and “you are wrong if your definition doesn’t match what we say it is” doesn’t make sense and is (not trying to sound like a pansy, but..) a bit offensive. Arguing against the dictionary? Heck, I’ll do that all day long. If you read the thing, you probably would, too.
  14. Mo Vaughn ain’t seen no flags flying above Angels Stadium!
  15. I’ve been to Munich so many times it’s hard to say how many days you need. If you like drinking beer and being social with other drunks, it can be a very special place. Since it can be a base for day trips to the Alps, as well, for a first timer you could spend more days there than your 10-12 day total would allow, but if you are going to Germany, you have to go to Munich. If you are thinking as late in the year as Oktoberfest, then I’d say think about putting it off a bit more and go after Thanksgiving and before Christmas. Germany is awesome during Christmas season. Google “German Christmas markets”. Munich is overrated, expensive and crowded during Oktoberfest and unless you have boobs, reservations you’ve made months in advance or get to the tents at noon, you may not even get into the major brewery tents at Oktoberfest. And honestly you find the same extreme alcoholism and giant beers at the beer halls and Biergartens any time of year. Point being, IMO there is no reason to target Munich during Oktoberfest unless it’s a bucket list thing or something. I would also recommend Dublin for a night or two. The Irish are awesome and the pubs and pints of the black stuff deserve a stop. You also mentioned London which is another favorite city of mine.
  16. Someone please correct the thread title. I’m sure he said “Angelth are weak”.
  17. To me a straight line is a line that has no breaks, it’s straight because it’s continuous. If you’re thinking of the type of line you draw with a ruler? I’d call that invariable.
  18. When people talk about that dead Iranian, all that goes through my head is this. And frankly it’s a little distracting.
  19. Apparently he talked to some other Australians about it and they convinced him you were correct. So now I’m going to miss hot springs, black water rafting and Hobbiton. Thanks, dick.
  20. Curved lines are still lines.
  21. I won’t read I rely on