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  1. Sometimes I think Chuck is just fucking with us.
  2. Don't sweat it Taylor. I think we can all agree that I'm the wealthiest and most successful person on here and my home is kind of a dump. Ask Adam.
  3. I get it. You guys are like the blacks are with Jesse and Al.
  4. пожалуйста, ешьте мои яички и анус
  5. So you’re going to defend Blarg’s attack on Taylor simply because he’s being “reasonable” in his assumption that Taylor goes to a lot of movies? None of Blarg’s other douchebaggery is relevant?
  6. Taylor, you’re 31 and not as successful. Blarg is 60’s(?) and could be a fucking gazzillionaire. Right now: Edge Taylor.
  7. You know they’ve had the discussion that a majority of the dead would probably be urban democrats, so though it wouldn’t look “that great” for him, in reality this could be a big win for Trump.
  8. You know, statistically speaking, at least a couple of us (AW members) will die. And many of us will get the Cov.
  9. That was not my experience. It was business as usual, just slow. Even the woman helping me at the self check out cause it doesn’t work was getting close.
  10. I ain’t saying shit Larry. But if you were asking me if there were still drunk Mexican dudes In painting gear amongst the patrons? Yes.
  11. I was there at about 4 pm today and it was pretty empty.
  12. One thing to come from this is that everyone’s homes are gonna be in tip top shape.
  13. I didn’t think my erection could get bigger, but bam!