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    By Chuck Richter, AngelsWin.com Founder
    Over the past 16 seasons, starting in 2004, we’ve watched 2,592 games together since the launch of the website Angels”WIN”.com. Over that time, the Angels have compiled 1389 Wins vs. just 1203 losses, boasting a .536 winning percentage. 
    While the past few years haven’t been so kind to us, on AngelsWin we have much to reflect on and be excited for in the future as fans. Since ’04 we have witnessed greatness in the form of player achievements, been blessed with two different MVP’s, acquired the first two-way player since Babe Ruth, signed a World Series champion & generational player, we FINALLY beat Boston in the playoffs, been to the postseason seven times and boy does the future look bright in Trout, Ohtani, Rendon & Adell…oh my! 
    Be that as it may, it’s not all about the W/L. Over the past 16 seasons, we’ve gotten to share some of the finest sports moments together on our community forum. We have had the opportunity to celebrate the victories on & off the field, both in season, postseason and during the offseason. We’ve also witnessed tragedies and experienced loss together. Essentially, this is what binds and merges the words “Angels” & “Win” together. 
    A wise man once said to look at the long view in life because yesterday, today and tomorrow could all unfold quite differently. After winning the World Series in 2002, only to follow that up with a disappointing season in ’03, I felt it was time to build a home for Angels fans that could experience the pure joy of ’02 but go through the difficulty of a season like 2003 together. So the construction of AngelsWin began shortly after the disastrous ’03 campaign ended and we launched in February of 2004.
    Reflecting back on the past 16 seasons together at AngelsWin.com, I’m pleased that our website & online community has exceeded my expectations. The friendships, the memories, the events, the good and the bad both on & off the field … we’ve been able to experience it all together. Like friends.  Like family.  #AngelsFamily
    That in the end is the ultimate WIN.
    So here’s to another decade and a half of winning, Angels fans. 

    If you haven't registered for an account at AngelsWin.com and joined the community discussions yet, what are you waiting for? Sign up today here!
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