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  1. Haven’t checked in for a few years but had to come read through for some therapy. Frustrating start to say the least. We’ll get back in the mix.
  2. This type of friction is unfortunately common. A newer "boss" is hired and the other big guns of the business have been in place for years. Who is truly in control? Then when the newer to the business "boss" really upsets the veteran big guns...you see who is truly in control. While you hope cooler heads prevail, sky isn't falling. Reminds me of when a school loaded with veteran teachers hires a 29 year old Principal.
  3. Either way...he is having a MONSTER season next year...bank on it!
  4. To answer the thread title...he can't get much worse and will, without question, get better. Be great if this sweep continues into the Texas series. Turn this horrific start around along with having more from Hamilton and a healthy Weaver coming down the road.
  5. I am an old and new poster. I date back to the ESPN message board days where many of us began this type of "fanatasism". However, it has been about a year since I have posted on Angelswin. Read the e-mail about the change and realized I needed to revisit something that used to be part of my daily routine until about a year ago!
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