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  1. lolok I'm enrolled in this. I had to enroll in it myself as it wasn't an automatic enrollment and I fully understand how it works. Whenever this happens, I get a notification from my Nest/Google apps and I know about it before it starts. The thermostat then goes to Eco temps, which you can set to 76, which isn't all that hot. Furthermore, you can opt out of the program very easily. You can also adjust your thermostat the moment the event occurs occurs. It doesn't lock you out of being able to change the thermostat.
  2. lolol You're such a sucker if you follow hucksters like this guy.
  3. lolol Tweeted like he is acutely aware of who is buttering his bread.
  4. Which one of y'all is gonna buy my hat?
  5. YouTube and Google are your best buds. Repairclinic.com for relatively easy appliance repair.
  6. lolok Now do humans flying in airplanes! ...or literally anything that a human can't do "without help."
  7. My company still requires employees to wear masks.
  8. Guys, it's from a bat. Chill out. China is a good guy here. They were presented with an outbreak at the wet market and did their best to contain it. In China we trust.
  9. lol That team that he had on The Daily Show was ridiculous.
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