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  1. Well, when one allegedly engages in sex with kids and defends/cuts deals for child sex traffickers, you kinda spend every last one of your goodwill points. He's highly besmirchable.
  2. Dershowitz and Starr are absolute pieces of garbage.
  3. @Stamm, congrats on all those Rangers, Aggies and Cowboys championships in the 2010s. Banners. Banners. . . everywhere.
  4. Let's not get into a discussion about VLL's beliefs vs. established knowledge.
  5. Hold your horses. I'll give you an AJ Hinch autograph for the helmet, but there has to be ice cream in it. Nachos are also acceptable. Signed AJ Hinch items for ice cream. It's the steal of the century.
  6. I dunno. I like the post because it makes people upset. It gives me the lolz. 2020 RallyMo is a product of the times.
  7. More on Dershowitz: if his presence as Trump's defense doesn't signal that Trump, Barr and his team don't care about the Epstein situation and have no intent of pursuing it, I don't know what does. That's super gross.
  8. Being near missle attacks from Iran is a normal thing that has happened on an almost daily basis to US troops. It's been going on for decades.
  9. Alan Dershowitz is part of Trump's defense team. He's quite a POS. Solid.
  10. I'm not really one to speak on this, but you need to hold your horses there.
  11. Listen up, you stupid shit, post your Clinton hate on the political board where it belongs but leave the rest of the site politics free. Do you understand?