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  1. The info in the link is really good. It's not that good.
  2. It's true. All on can do is cygh in response.
  3. Chuck: lights spin board on fire Also, Chuck:
  4. The Russians and their GRU bots love to show chaos and division. I'm sure the peeps manning those computer terminals are guaranteed and receive a good number of things. Trump being President helps further that cause: Eastern Promises made, Eastern Promises kept.
  5. No. Just OLM. We've discussed this before: EC is obviously HaloThunder.
  6. Yep, same here. I think Mike Tyson's Punch Out was shortly after that.
  7. What was the first game any of y'all completed?
  8. There's a new Battletoads coming out, apparently.
  9. No. It's actually not fairly logical to assume that a statistically significant number of those aren't caused by COVID. It really isn't.
  10. lol, that's so silly However, for fun, I'd really like you to make a Venn diagram of exactly what you described here. It'd make me laugh a bit, and I could use that.