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  1. Is Trump not involved in this, just like Clinton is?
  2. I agree with your assertion that we shouldn't just be focusing on a single comment but also the fact that Trump was pretty buddy-buddy with Epstein and that his property was used as a recruiting ground for Epstein's disgusting operation. The fact that two Presidents are so closely tied to this guy is disheartening, but not surprising. Neither side wanted him to speak.
  3. This was a freakin' great episode of TV. It didn't even cross my mind that there was no dialogue until well after I had watched it. The chase scene was absurd at time but never not engaging. A/10.
  4. Where's the "you must be a blast at parties" button?
  5. That headline is almost as disingenuous as the More TP thread. Almost.
  6. It really is a very, very good film. It could have gone sideways easily, but I think it was well done.
  7. I don't think any of this shows that Disney is trying to hide this film at all. This film was never going to be released any other way, y'all. There is truly nothing odd about how this film is being put out. It's not Endgame, guys.
  8. Speaking of which, Matt Clement is just about to take the Katella exit ramp. Meanwhile, Disney is expanding the distribution of this film and entered it in the TIFF where it won the audience award. That's a far cry from shelving it, no?
  9. Why would they be scared of this? It's a truly great film.
  10. "You're arguing over the stupidest fucking things imaginable." - Charles M. Schulz