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  1. Yep, Jordyn Adams is one the BA team feels could crack the top 100 list this year.
  2. Jordyn Adams makes Baseball America's Players We Believe Could Make The 2021 Top 100 list..
  3. Here's hoping Adell has a monster spring and is our starting RF on opening day.
  4. I believe that every GM viewed Marsh as a prospect, but his new ranking validated it from a PR move with the fans. My point. If you're the Indians GM and you trade a top arm for Marsh pre BA rankings (let's face it they're the standard) you're going to hear from the fans on social media and get questioned nationally from the MLB media. Get roasted on the MLB Network. If you don't think that process is taken into account you're naive. Nobody gives a shit about bad media unless you're the Marlins or Assssstros.
  5. I wonder if teams with controllable pitching to deal now view Marsh as a legit guy to package a deal around now that he's in the top 50 of top 100 prospects?
  6. I'm in Dallas, TX for work so I'm good. You know, working for folks business the Hunt Oil group.
  7. Yep.. Also, on the flipside. How many teams that had loaded rosters and were projected to win 90+ games or make playoffs totally tanked?
  8. Once we beat the Red Sox ass in 2009 we buried those ghosts. I'm really over them. But like you, the Yankees aren't even close to my top 5. So yeah.... Astros, Dodgers, Red Sox in that order. The A's and Mariners round out my top 5.