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  1. Wrong. It's no wonder you libs start and believe all the fake news out there. lol Let's not find out exactly what's going on, let's assume, take it how we see it and spin it in a way that fits our narrative or comes against someone who opposes my views. Pathetic.
  2. So you're saying I shared the Bill Gates stuff because I actually believe it and I'm trying to evangelize antivaxers message? lol
  3. We're friends on Facebook. Did you see me share this? I saw it on Facebook and Twitter. I brought it up for discussion here. There is no back-peddling. This did exposure your sensitivity to this type of content. As always, it's you libs that get your panties in a bunch when certain topics come up.
  4. Perfect. That's all I really needed. Though @ten ocho recon scout went the extra mile which was great. I know some friends and family up here that really believe this stuff. They think Gates is the devil. Crazy stuff. I like to keep an open mind to some things, but not too open.
  5. They actually have a Rocky Mountain Oysters festival in Fall City, not to far from my house. They call it the Testy Festy. lol
  6. Thanks @mtangelsfan. So much for discussing topics whether you believe them to be true or not in a related forum thread. I mean, I thought for a second that I was in the wrong place. You know, like Joe Biden 24/7.
  7. It's within the context of this thread topic. People are buying into this madness. If you don't want to engage, skip over it moron.
  8. @RallyMo, @red321 what part of the bolded text did you not understand from my post last night? Context. Context. Context. I asked a question, I didn't adopt this belief dipshits.
  9. Because I've been seeing this shit on my Facebook timeline from a few folks. I wasn't buying it, but I like to get others opinions on shit like this. Since when did posting something on here mean that you've adopted it as your own belief? This is a discussion forum in case you didn't know.
  10. Context is everything. That was a straight copy and paste from something I saw on Facebook @RallyMo. Like I said, I didn't care enough about it. Just wanted to see what y'all thought.