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  1. I was hoping for a meeting between both Gerrit and Callaway. Such is life. I hope Garret and Calloway had a great dinner though.
  2. My favorite lib all-time. I just love how she nukes all of the Democrat candidates on stage at these debates.
  3. I could see Ortega or De Horta selected but I feel Rojas will slip through and stay with us. Good call on Jones as I believe he's in for a breakout minor league season.
  4. This would have been a nice get for cheap, but the Reds jump on the former top prospect.
  5. Just like the weather man in Seattle. In today's forecast, RAIN.
  6. Yeah, he needs a better look for sure. Dude needs to grow a goatee and shave his head.
  7. They didn't call him Naps for no reason.
  8. Yeah but they're the superpower in our division so seeing them go down in flames and get stripped of some draft picks further helps the Angels chances going forward. As sickening as it is to say, I would rather the Dodgers win the World Series than a division opponent.
  9. If you're going to dangle that political carrot I'm always going to bite.
  10. Yeah man, he would show up hungover AF on days he was supposed to catch.
  11. Added the poll choice. The impeachment hearings have been pretty funny though. Schiff and his ghost whistleblower have made for some good comedy.