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  1. Maybe a little, but I'd rather look to our farm for this position so I'll be rooting for one of Jones, Thaiss, Rengifo or Baretto to land this job out of ST. I hope it's an open competition for 2B.
  2. Well with that attitude let's just sign Bauer to be our ace of the rotation and the AL batting champion, DJ LeMahieu for 2B.
  3. Let's discuss all of the postseason games, news and notes here! Here's the bracket. I'm pulling for the Rays, White Sox and Indians in the AL and Marlins, Reds and the Padres in the NL. Let's go!!!!!
  4. Exactly. I just think we need to let Jones, Barreto, Rengifo and Thaiss to get first crack at 2B in ST. Sign a veteran on the cheap like La Stella if none of the four have a good spring both offensively and defensively. But I'd rather save money on this position and SS going with Fletcher and go all in on SP and RP this offseason. Maybe sign a guy on the cheap for RF like Adam Eaton on a one year deal as well.
  5. What this proves is that these guys need consistent at bats to show what they're made of. Something Walsh and Ward didn't have early on, but in September they did. Walsh Ward
  6. I will add that in the grand scheme of things needing to improve this club, having a dynamic locker room and a couple guys that bring confidence and are vocal leaders is quite low on the list of things to improve this offseason. This is more of a nice things to have IMO. This team is pretty dull to watch based on their mannerisms, but winning brings introverts out of his shell a bit. We saw that with GA in 2002.
  7. Unfortunately swagger without results is just pompous. You got to back that shit up yo! I want to see some excitement, energy and vocal leaders on this team. I don't expect that from Rendon and Trout, they're studs at what they do. I'd love a player like Torii Hunter again.
  8. Or people that watched Jared Walsh & Taylor Ward's first half of this 60 game season.
  9. Yep. I'd like to go homegrown at 2B like we are at 1B with Walsh. I'd also like to think that Jones' final AFL stats after the 2019 minor league season show that like Walsh and Ward, he too made adjustments and it showed in the results. Jones Arizona Fall League stats: .302/.377/.509 with two HR and 7 SB across 53 at bats.
  10. You're right, the overall record over the past decade is laugh out loud worthy. So yeah, lol. As much as you want to laugh at it, swagger is missing. The energy in the clubhouse and field shows this.
  11. I agree with a lot of this, but I have also been saying for some time now that this team over the past decade has been missing players with swagger, attitude and vocal leadership. It has been since Hunter left since we have had a position player like this and since Weaver since we've had that guy on the mound. This is why I hop to God we can sign Bauer this offseason. He's the type of player we need on the mound. His energy and swagger will rub off on others. I also wouldn't mind signing Adam Eaton on a one year deal for RF. Reunited with WS champ Rendon. He's always been a p
  12. I know it was only a few games, but from what I saw from Jones was pretty impressive. He looked a lot like Howie Kendrick up there, hitting line drives including one off a Dustin May 99 mph heater yesterday for two hits. If he's solid defensively there, we all know he's an athlete who can hit, steal some bases and flash some power. I think he should be considered. Spend all of Arte's available $$$ on starting pitching and relief pitching this offseason. Maybe some bench depth too.
  13. I agree with all of this except NL ROY. That should go to Devin Williams, RP Milwaukee Brewers. Williams posted a 0.33 ERA, 0.63 WHIP and 53:9 K:BB with nine holds in 22 appearances (27 innings) this season. That's sick!
  14. Best: Simmons trade, Trout ext, Ohtani sweepstakes, Rendon signing, Bundy trade & Stassi trade. Worst: Cozart, Harvey, Cahill, Allen, Teheran, releasing Yates.
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