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  1. Yeah, I'm with you. We can't count on him. But holy hell if we get ANYTHING close to his 2018, with or without Bauer it's going to be huge. Just can't from a GM standpoint even think he's in your back pocket IMO.
  2. While I get the reaction and it's warranted, I truly hope @Lou bumps this later on this year.
  3. We have a bunch of Odorizzi's on this team IMO. We have a bunch of guys who have flashed brilliance, some gems along the way. But they've also laid some turds too. That includes Ohtani even in his 2018 campaign. One thing we haven't had in a loooooooong time was a true sure fire ace that can be counted on to dominant the opposition more times than not whenever they take the mound. A Cy Young even. He's available for the taking on a team that hasn't landed #1 starter via free agency since Bartolo Colon in 2004. Also a guy that isn't a pussy to take the ball after three days of
  4. The only bummer of not trading for the Pirates righthander is no @Angel Oracle Jameson Tie-one-on posts.
  5. There's really no room for Taillon if we're going all in for a more established SP like Bauer and if not him, someone like Tanaka, Paxton, etc. Right now: Bundy, Heaney, Canning, Quintana, Ohtani and Barria.
  6. I wonder if Trevor Rosenthal (1.90 ERA, 0.85 WHIP, 38 K's, 23 2/3 IP) would come cheaper over Brad Hand? If so I'm guessing we could sign southpaw Jake McGee (2.66 ERA, 0.84 WHIP, 33 K's, 20 IP) and Rosenthal for possibly the same cost if not slightly more than just Hand alone.
  7. NOT the Piece, but a piece. I'd take him if the prospect capital is outside of our top 10.
  8. McCullers and based on his health and performance in 2021, Syndergaard. That said, if we lock Bauer up, extend Bundy if he has yet another solid season, we'll have Ohtani, Canning and Detmers and Rodriguez in the pipeline so maybe we don't need to dip into FA for starting pitchers. It all depends on the health from our guys and who we sign this season and for how long. If Ohtani returns to form and we land Bauer, I feel good standing pat next offseason. Focus on SS since we only have Iglesias for one year.
  9. The Angels could be Bauer's top suitor now unless another team like the Blue Jays (seem to be after Paxton) and Dodgers (their rotation is set and they've been said to have made Justin Turner their top priority to re-sign in free agency this offseason).
  10. Yeah they have both Cronenworth and recently signed Kim from Korea slated to play 2B. I'm guessing you're right @Dochalo
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