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  1. I just checked the doppler radar and I highly doubt we're playing today.
  2. Walsh throws a laser beam to 2nd and we might turn 2 there preventing the melt down inning, Albert lobbed the ball to 2nd, far from an ideal play from him. Also Walsh might have given us the momentum we needed in the 1st inning by driving in those stranded runners.
  3. If Madden continues to bench Walsh I don't feel like we're fielding the best team and thus, leaving more to be desired. If Pujols must play 1st than Walsh needs to play RF, his bat is too potent to waste so many abs on. I think most fans have an idea what I'm thinking but I won't say it, I'll just say hopefully AP retires early.
  4. Idk if bapid really concludes how 'lucky' a pitcher is, hitters do have some control on where they hit and drive the ball. Perhaps hitters are reading the ball well off his release point, which would explain a lot.
  5. This feels like another jinx thread, I don't blame you for getting excited but man it's too early to be saying stuff like this...
  6. (If we play) A loss tomorrow would still keep that alive, as it would be a 2-2 series push.
  7. Iglesias was a fluke last season, I miss Simmons. 3 errors in this game and probably the most impatient hitter in the game.
  8. Well, it's normal start time for night games on the West coast
  9. I think the Blue Jays forgot why both the Rays and Marlins are built in covered parks (Florida man weather)
  10. It just means we have yet to peak, and that players will trade off slumps occasionally which means we may never go into any major offensive slumps overall as a whole team (depending on the pitching we face of course).
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