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  1. I think mainly playing the outfield and closing is less stressful than starting and DHing 3-4 times a week. Ohtani will be a free agent after the 2023 season. Need to keep him happy but so far we have only had half of a season of him as a pitcher.
  2. No just been a non contributor for a long time. Got burnt out with the fighting back on FutureAngels.com site.
  3. After this year, if Ohtani has a arm injury or is not very effective as a starter, the Angels should move him to RF and a closer position. That his bat is in the line up everyday and he only needs to pitch one inning 50-60 times a year. I know we lose the DH slot when he becomes a pitcher, but if he saves the game we will not need to hit again. He is awesome on the mound but I do not believe he will hold up as a starter all season.
  4. The Angels bullpen just got a lot better. I will not cringe when the starter is taken after 87 pitches and giving up a hit and walk in the 5th inning. Great move.
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