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  1. Lets stop blaming Arte, he is the owner and he has a right to stick his hand in the cookie jar. Lets not forget who paid Mike Trout and Anthony Rendon. The bottom line is that Billy Eppler is a 2 not a 1. The most important thing that the new GM must do is find a way to properly draft and develop pitching. With the huge contracts we have now there is not 50 or a 100 million to sign big name pitchers. The dodgers have always been good at developing pitching. We need to figure that out !! Billy Eppler's free agent pitching signings have been Fuc**ng horrific, he is just not GM material
  2. Finally "The Gooch" has returned ! Lets make a few things very clear, if you read Simmons press release he never stated the word covid, and went on to thank the fans for their support. so if this was an Algebra problem it would look like this, -7x-10>11 = Fuc**ng COWARD !! By the way, stop referring to him as SIMBA, I LOVED THE REAL SIMBA VERY CUTE AND LOVABLE. Simmons is neither of those, however here are the 2 choices for him based on his looks and his actions. Best Regards, The Gooch
  3. Thanks Andrelton for showing your true colors ! You are a QUITTER !!! Once you relized that Billy Eppler would not be returning and that the angels would not be wasting their money on a broken down horse you threw in the towel. What a great example you are for children. You failed yourself, your family, your team mates, and true Angel fans. Arte please tear down his poster on the front of the stadium TODAY !!! David Flethcer is the future and a much better player than you ! I have never seen a more selfish act than the one you just pulled. You are truely the complete opposite of
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