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  1. How about a fishy lineup? I wish i could take credit for this, but it's from the google. 1 – CF – Mickey Rivers 2 – LF – Mike Trout 3 – 1B – Steve Garvey 4 – DH – Tim Salmon 5 – C – Carlton Fisk 6 – 3B – Brooks Robinson 7 – RF – Kevin Bass 8 – SS- Lip Pike 9 – 2B – Shad Berry On the Bench 1B/OF – Mike Carp SS/2B – Bobby Sturgeon OF – Johnny Gill C – Steve Lake 2B/3B – Jiggs Parrott
  2. Dombrowski signed J UP with the Tigers, so you never know if he comes to the Angels.
  3. It's hard to watch players you like a lot get older and slow down. J UP is a class act and when he is locked in, he can rake. As for next year, he has lost a step, so maybe time to let him mentor some youngster.
  4. Wow, I'm surprised where this thread went to. I've been following the Angels long enough to see a parade of has been all-stars come through the big A. Yes it's a team sport (25 players last time i checked), but i'd say Trout is worth probably more than one. Not to mention everyone keeps mentioning his WAR is off the charts. So maybe one player can get you to the playoffs.....
  5. So this is getting ridiculous, another post season without the best player in baseball. When is Moreno going to get Trout to a playoff game?
  6. Sorry Blarg, Ryan was entertaining but he was not going to bring home the ring. 79' was the best chance and he pitched one game in the ALCS and matched Palmer, but ultimately gave up 3 runs. I used to go to almost every game that Ryan pitched in the 70's, hoping to see a no-hitter. Lots of strikeouts, lots of walks and no run support. Also Ryan was going back to Texas no matter what, that's where he is from and has family, that's why he only played with the Rangers and Astros after his stint with the Angels. There were a lot of articles about how Gene Autry offered quite a bit to keep him
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