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  1. We will all talk about the loss of Trout and Rendon this year but really underrated loss was Cobb the last month and a half. He was really starting to pitch well when he went down and was a big loss. Not saying of course we would have made the playoffs with him but he might have gotten us a few more wins to make it more interesting this month.
  2. Lol am I the only Angels fan terrified Javier Baez is going to end up here with Maddon as the manager? Please let's lock up a shortstop long term so we don't have to think about moving Fletcher to SS to make room for that dick at 2nd base because Maddon feels nostalgic for another ex Cub.
  3. Not only that but the last 2 innings I've watched he's walked the leadoff man. He's begging the Angels to do something and they just keep striking out. This team is just a fucking joke.
  4. I almost was going to get a flight and hotel to San Diego for that series in a couple weeks. Glad I didn't do that now.
  5. Yes! Bundy and Quintana both must go so I'm hoping one of those 2 gets the boot. Guerra works too lol. But considering both Bundy and Quintana both couldn't even get through 2 innings facing the Orioles and Tigers I'm hoping it's one of them.
  6. I wish I could love this a thousand times. I wonder what the chances are they just cut bait this offseason and eat the last year of his contract like they did with Pujols? Like you I look forward to never seeing him in and Angels uniform again.
  7. Took the words out of my mouth. How many times have we seen a team come from behind like they did Thursday just to fall on their face the next 3 games? Hardly ever. If it was Oakland that came from behind 10-2 to win 13-10 they would win 18 in a row. But our team then quits the next 3 days and rolls over to a team that was playing like shit. These guys just don't have the stomach to get back in the race even if they were in it.
  8. Barria and Suarez are both mediocre pitchers at beat and have more than gotten gotten their shot. I really don't want these to be in the mix next season or it's going to be more of the same. I'm beyond tired of watching these two for years and years hoping the other shoe finally drops.
  9. Also I can't help but be amused the offense roared back to score 13 on Thursday and then has laid down the last 2 games. That's so Angels.
  10. Maybe an unpopular opinion but I'm just sick to death of this Suarez/Barria route and am just ready to move on. Barria has been up and down since 2018 and Suarez the same since 2019. I just think if we stick with these two it's going to be staying in the same place with the same few ups and then more downs. I'm ready for some different blood in there next year. Is there any chance at all we can sign either Gausman or Desclafani?
  11. I am streaming this game on my phone at work and shut if off twice lol. But I turned it back on at 10-8 and glad I did now lol.
  12. Haha it was. I don't follow Boston very much obviously but I saw they just got swept by the Yankees after going something like 10-3 against them in the first half. Their pitching has fallen apart by the sounds of it. It's dejavu all over again.
  13. Yup. Bring on the offseason and spring 2022 already! At least after this year I can start to see this team is close I hope. But I'm ready to just forfeit the month of September and move on to next season. There was no way they were going to beat Houston and the White Sox enough times to get close to the last WC anyway. At least we're not Boston fans and watching their team unravel again on the 10th anniversary of the beer and fried chicken team
  14. When I saw Jose Quintana back in the rotation, I knew this team's microscopic chance of getting back in the WC hunt just went to zero. You can't sustain a winning steak of any kind with Quintana in there. Quintana and Slegers both need to go. I simply can't remember one time this year Slegers has had a good outing. Not one.
  15. Every time Quintana leaves a game I'm always praying it'll be the last time in this uniform.
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