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  1. I had all but given up on Taylor Ward but the last couple of weeks he's shown me something at the plate. I'm starting to look forward to seeing Walsh and Ward improve and in bigger roles for next season if they're both still here.
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  3. Hello everyone this is my first post on this page (although I read a lot of posts on here) but I'm going to introduce myself to this group by saying I hope and pray Eppler does not come back next year. I think 5 years of this team finishing well below .500 should indicate this direction isn't working. The team appears to be going nowhere- and actually looks like they;re going backward to be honest. Honestly I don't think this organization can take 2 more years of Billy Eppler at the helm with the disasters we've had on the field the last 2 years. He's failed and needs to be replaced. That is
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