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  1. $10M for Molina seems like a big mismanagement of funds for this team. I wouldn’t spend more than $5m (at most for right guy) for a catcher. Not with the pressing needs elsewhere.
  2. I really don't think Bauer is happening. Realistic is: Snell/Musgrove/Gray + Odorizzi/Richards/Happ + Hand/Rosenthal/Treinen
  3. Angels trading for Lindor is one of the worst ideas...even with him signing an extension. Trading valuable (likely pitching) prospects that will be needed and paying $25M+ for another position player LT with all the pitching needs is....
  4. +1 i have no problems trading Adell. Even others like adams, etc. but keep your paws off my Rodriguez, Detmers & Koch.
  5. 1/6 - take it or move onto next cheap depth SP...all while working on a top SP acquisition to combine with for rotation
  6. No, that wasn't my point either. But if i have to explain it to you, then it's not worth the effort. BTW, I'm proud of my education and advanced degrees (but i don't flaunt it -- Lou? haha, jk). Maybe next time i'll add some fart, penis and smaller words to make it easier for some to follow along
  7. "Studied at Milwaukie High School" -- lolololol
  8. AT&T is a non-starter for me. Not to mention, as Greg says, the cost is ridiculous.
  9. Bingo -- 2020 (besides CV) meant the end of FSW on the networks. I've been following around switching streaming networks when after it gets dropped. Now Hulu-Live has dropped it and there is nothing left if you stream. My sports fandom was already starting to wane; but inability to watch said sports is going to be the death nail for me.
  10. You probably think Big Bang Theory, Two & a half Men, Kardashians, Marvel movies, Entourage, etc. are great too.
  11. So let me get this straight, ALL we need is: two very good SPs, 1-3 very good RPs, a starting MI, starting C and a starting RF.
  12. I gave him props -- it's just ppl suck on him like he's the GM perfect and he created baseball. I'm just saying, look deeper -- there are some warts.
  13. Hey, he won twice and at places with history against them -- so he has scoreboard. Still, i think he's given way too much credit for those two wins and considered this all-mighty great GM mind. What did he leave those teams and their organization like when he left? I think the Cubs especially is odd -- they won, but they have greatly underperformed since. they were setup perfect with some great young pieces coming up and just starting.....and done nothing but gone backwards. But really, it's a perception thing for me. Good...maybe really good. But an all-timer who everything he touches
  14. Pass (i know most will very much disgree, but Theo is vastly overrated imo)
  15. Maybe it's just me and i know he's not Italian, but i see his face and all I can think is...I bet this guy is a big fan of spaghetti.
  16. Coming in 6th place for the Angels GM job -- is that an accomplishment or embarrassment? I honestly don't know
  17. At least we can safely say that our new GM is someone who has never been fired, quit or left in some odd way as a GM previously.
  18. Listen old-timer, I'm not 100 years old....so it's California Angels for me lol. But yes, dumb me for saying "OG" when in fact the original name was indeed LA Angels.
  19. I'd be 100% in support for a return to the 'California Angels' name -- including colors/uniforms. So not a new novelty, but rather a return to the OG. We never should have changed from that.
  20. Overall he spends money -- which is #1 you want for a team owner. But he also gets too involved. He also spends this money in the wrong spots -- at the top rather than the broader foundation. that's his biggest problem (even more than any involvement issues that might exist).
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