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  1. Don't worry, whatever side it's on right now...i'm sure it'll change back soon enough
  2. Maddon simply needs to not put him in on that 4th inning -- problem solve
  3. I like reading mock drafts. It’s fun. But if there is any sport where a mock draft is virtually worthless results wise, it’s baseball. Fun yes; but not worth a shiny penny.
  4. I think there would be a limited amount of teams interested....and it would depend on how much the angels would pay it down before they would want him. The vast majority of teams would not be interested in him. Easier said than done imho.
  5. You have this wrong. The real question is: would another team trade for Upton and how much of his salary would they pay?
  6. Detmer's is still tinkering with his game and adding, refining pitches. The last thing you'd do to a kid like that is throw him into the majors. We have other young arms (Barria, Sandoval, Saurez, Packy, etc.) that have earned some starts as needed. Just let Detmer continue to build his repertoire and gain professional innings in the minors. He can be brought up the last month of the season for start or two if all goes well.
  7. I think Bundy has a longer leash than some others here. For better or worse, he’s in the rotation for several more starts.
  8. Oh 100% agree. I think this year for the first time in a LONG time we are just now starting to see some life and beginnings of true depth this year. Heading in the right direction. It's a good start and hopefully continues & builds. Not there yet -- pitching especially so.
  9. Good post. You are probably right. I'm basing my opinion on non-Angel fans/AW system rankings. I really like reading about our guys from people here because it's truly guys who have actually SEEN them play. That is extremely valuable -- not to mention fun as a fan to read. Still, sometimes people can get too close to your own guys like a grandmother with her grandkids. So seeing what so-called experts say is good too for a general feel. Overall, my negativity stems from years of lack of depth and (more so) pitching.
  10. Maybe i didn't articulate myself properly (was posting on phone earlier and had issues). But this is exactly what i say about our system: very young, raw and some exciting such guys. But that's it. You'd think by now we'd have a more robust farm system considering sucking for years. The upper levels are not good. Every team has a Detmer type -- but that's really all we have for good SPs coming up. Every team has hard throwing RPs. We have some OFs...we also have very young, exciting MIs. I'd say OFs and MIs are maybe the easiest to get in todays game. Pitching is the key. Even Catchers. When was the last really good SP we developed and had on the Angels? Maybe Weaver. Holy heck that's bad. What about a RP -- KRod. Yikes. Maybe i'm missing someone. Still, that shows you how bad we've been at drafting and developing pitchers. Catchers too -- long drought. 3Bman -- Glaus. SS -- idk, i'm drawing a blank right now.
  11. My biggest issue is the depth....and lack of ML ready players we have. This far along in rebuilding your farm system, we should have better AA/AAA depth. I love our recent international signings the past couple years. We have some great HS draft picks last couple years. So the 16-20 year old of our system looks exciting. But man, beyond that is is thiiiiiiiiin and weak comparatively so. Especially because we've sucked for years. We are not coming off a prolonged playoff run trading guys for WS runs year after year.
  12. I love Chris Rodriguez and think he's the one true elite arm we have. But, and maybe i'm wrong, it seems most are starting t question (if they hadn't already) whether he can be a SP. Can you see him pitch 200 innings a year for 5-10 years? I truly hope so. But even the more optimist folks are starting to question his viability LT as a SP. Detmers is our best SP prospect (since not including Rodriguez). I consider him a very strong middle (#3) with some potential be be a #2 at times. But basically a very good #3. That seems to be where so-called farm system experts place him most likely to land as well if he makes it. That's freaking great to have. But your best SP prospect should have a higher ceiling. Whom else do we have that has that ceiling besides young guys that we're solely dreaming on. We have young guys that haven't put it together yet, haven't pitched yet, etc. But not any guys with the stuff and have shown (even at low level) over say 5-10 starts that they have it besides a hope & dream one day.
  13. I hope you are right here and we have some good catching depth for the next 5-8+ years. But honestly, i think your definition of "promising" is different than mine. I trust you though and you know more about these guys than i do. So please be true. I think you have to accept some reality and say that you would take most other teams catching prospect over ours right now.
  14. I think some are being a bit homerish with the farm. 20+ does not mean there isn’t talent. it’s also not night & day differences. It’s a sliding scale. As I mentioned, it young talent. It’s very raw and untapped potential. Compare that to other teams without your Angel bias. Angels might have some of the better very young talent (low A and below….under 19). But that’s unknown talent at this point. Think of the top level talent ready now and the next year. We have some talented OFs with holes that could be ready and take off. We have some middle to back end SPs that may happen. Potential RPs ready now probably. But that’s it. No catchers. No TOR type SPs. I mean guys performing as such in minors - not guys with the stuff that are young who one day coild turn into it. Many of the other teams have these guys - multiple ones too.
  15. There are some young guys to dream upon. But let’s be honest, this farm system is clearly in the bottom 1/3rd of baseball. That’s the black hole of being just good enough to not fully tank/sell and bad enough that you don’t sniff the playoffs year after year. Even still, it’s also some bad drafting, scouting and player development.
  16. The good: 1 hit in 4.1 innings The bad: 6 BBs (only 2 Ks) hopefully just a bad/stingy ump
  17. Interesting he’s 6’6 - really tall guys like that tend to have control problems don’t they? Especially early in their pro career/development
  18. Someone either is having a stroke or is simply a horrible speller
  19. And where exactly has that “no debt” owner gotten us as a fan base? The best Arte years were him taking over a team that had recently won its first WS and had a GM (stoneman) who had set up system with ton of guys coming up. Basically coattails- with the exception of the 2004 Vlad/Bart signings. It went downhill from there once Arte got his guys in the FO/organization. Not to mention bad FA signings that likely had his prints on over such.
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