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  1. We need Trout to speak up more. I feel like he doesn't do off the field talking.
  2. This topic is our Fan Fest! Every team should feel this way.
  3. RIP Kobe. Let's hope I hear more about Upton this year than this news story. How many times will he let us down in the 9th when we need a hit?
  4. I just want some good starting pitching.
  5. RIP Kobe. I hope they make him the NBA logo.
  6. This guy keeps backing up into good coaching positions. Why? What has he done? Goes from Cabrera to trout to cheaters.
  7. Glad we didn't sign this guy. His stats are padded with run support. No thanks.
  8. Rivers sold his house and moved to Florida. Either getting tom brady or Tyrod Taylor to start.
  9. AAPL is still strong. Keep that stock forever. Every year a new iphone comes out and idiots like you and me buy them. If the airpods was a separate company, it would be a fortune 500. That's crazy!
  10. Nope. That's and inside joke I don't understand. Hofstra produced the talent of Marquez Colston of the saints. That guy was a baller.